2011 Music Awards

The 2011 Edition


Best First Release:

Wolves At The Gate

We Are The OnesWolves At The Gate, We Are The Ones EP     (Screamo/Rock)

Best Second Release:

Hope For The Dying

DissimulationHope For The Dying, Dissimulation     (Metal)

Best Third Release:

Owl City

All Things Bright And BeautifulAll Things Bright And Beautiful (Special Edition) 
Owl City, All Things Bright And Beautiful
(Electronic Folk Pop/Rock)

Best Fourth Release:

Life In Your Way

KingdomsLife In Your Way, Kingdoms     (Screamo/Metal)

Best Fifth Release:

Becoming The Archetype

Celestial CompletionBecoming The Archetype, Celestial Completion     (Metal)

Best Sixth Release:


Notable 7th-Or-Higher Release:



With Shivering Hearts We WaitWith Shivering Hearts We Wait (Large Edition) 
Blindside, With Shivering Hearts We Wait     (Rock/Hardcore)

Vice VersesVice Verses (Deluxe Edition)Vice Verses (Super Deluxe Edition)Switchfoot, Vice Verses     (Rock)

Best Live Show:

[Note: Due to circumstances outside of our control, we are not giving a Live Show award this year. However, many outstanding shows would have been nominated, so we have listed those below.]

Best Festival:



Young LoveKye Kye, Young Love     (indie Electronic Pop/Rock)

On FireOn Fire (Bonus Tracks Edition)Peter Furler, On Fire     (Pop/Rock/Rock)

To Those PerishingA Past Unknown, To Those Perishing     (Metal)

The RoadThe RoadTricia Brock, The Road     (Light Rock Worship)

Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter.Fallstar, Reconciler. Refiner. Igniter.     (Metal/Screamo)

Anthem LightsAnthem Lights, Anthem Lights     (Pop/Rock)

Anthem SongAaron Gillespie, Anthem Song     (Slightly Light Rock Worship)

I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)The City Harmonic, I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home)     (Pop/Rock Worship)

Paper HouseOver The Ocean, Paper House     (indie Rock)

Honorable Mentions:

ScriptedIcon For Hire, Scripted     (Hard-Edged Rock)

What I've BecomeAshes Remain, What I’ve Become     (Hard-Edged Rock)

Break The CycleCory Lamb, Break The Cycle     (Pop/Rock)

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The War Within UsOnward To Olympas, The War Within Us     (Metal)

Times Have Changed EP.1After Edmund, Times Have Changed EP.1     (Electronic Rock)

EmergencyEmergency (Deluxe Edition)The Ember Days, Emergency     (Slightly Light Rock Worship)

ControlControl (Expanded Edition)Abandon, Control     (Pop/Rock/Rock)

Ad Astra Per AsperaAbandon Kansas, Ad Astra Per Aspera     (Rock)

Honorable Mentions:

Empty Hands And Heavy HeartsClose Your Eyes, Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts     (Rock/Punk/Hardcore)

Holding Onto HopeHolding Onto Hope, Holding Onto Hope     (Screamo/Hardcore)

Songs In SecretGreat Awakening, Songs In Secret     (indie Rock Worship)

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Give Me RestHands, Give Me Rest     (Hardcore)

EpicManic Drive, Epic     (Electronic Pop/Rock/Rock)

Deas VailDeas Vail, Deas Vail     (Slightly Light Rock)

Until We Have FacesRed, Until We Have Faces     (Hard Rock)

Honorable Mention:

Leaving EdenBrandon Heath, Leaving Eden     (Slightly Light Rock)

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Of ManCool Hand Luke, Of Man     (indie Rock)

LevelerLeveler (Deluxe Edition)August Burns Red, Leveler     (Metal)

DestinyBeckah Shae, Destiny     (Slightly Urban-flavored Pop)

Honorable Mention:

Beautiful AshesEowyn, Beautiful Ashes     (Slightly Experimental indie Hard Rock)

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Your Sparkling Death ComethFalling Up, Your Sparkling Death Cometh     (Experimental Rock)

Honorable Mentions:

Crazy LoveCrazy Love (Special Edition)Hawk Nelson, Crazy Love     (Pop/Punk)

The Anthem Of AngelsSeventh Day Slumber, The Anthem Of Angels     (Rock)

CapturedFlame, Captured     (Hip-Hop (Rap))

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In Scarlet And VileThe Echoing Green, In Scarlet And Vile     (Electronic Rock)

Honorable Mention:

God's Not DeadThe Newsboys, God’s Not Dead     (Slightly Light Rock)

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Family Force 5



The Newsboys


Flatfoot 56  (Cornerstone Festival IL. set)

John Reuben

Owl City


Thousand Foot Krutch

Relient K


Children 18:3

Honorable Mentions:


Manic Drive

The Wedding


Group 1 Crew

Remedy Drive

The Almost

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