Five Iron Frenzy Returns!

(Blog Credit: Ember)

Five Iron Frenzy Returns!

And, as that picture aptly states, what happened was definitely unforgettable!

A long and amusing run of hints, teases, and an interactive multiple-website scavenger hunt all lead up to much-beloved band Five Iron Frenzy announcing their return— to a truly amazing fan response.

Because, along with revealing a fantastic newly-recorded track, the band also set up a $30,000 Kickstarter project to fund a new record and tour… and the goal was reached in less than one hour of its posting! And, in fact, by just two days later the pledge amount had gone over $100,000, and only kept on climbing from there.

As a fan of FIF myself, this was a pretty moving event, because it vividly showed just how much love we all still had for the music, message, and hearts of this band, even 8 long years after their last show.

Congratulations, Five Iron— and welcome back!


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