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BEST FIRST RELEASE 2008 Award Winner!
Children 18:3's 'Children 18:3' - Best First Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: Thieves And Liars (When Dreams Become Reality),
Above The Golden State (Above The Golden State), One Minute Halo (Against The Grain),
Chris Taylor (Take Me Anywhere).
Honorable Mention: After Edmund (Hello).


Though consisting of only three members (who are all siblings, by the way), Children 18:3 put out an amazing, full sound— driving, rocking, and excellent— with appealing vocals that are perfectly matched. Their music just pulls you in.

Children 18:3 kick off their self-titled first release with “All My Balloons”, a great Punk Rock/Rock opener that features metaphorical lyrics and an addicting chorus and bridge. There is almost no pause between this track and the next.

“LCM” is an excellent track with an intriguing lyrical storyline; rocking, fast-driving music; and perfect, emphasized, trade-off vocals. Again, there is almost no pause afterward.

“You Know We’re All So Fond Of Dying” is a rockingly catchy, pointed commentary on the state of modern culture, and a cry out to change it for the better.

“Search Warrant” features band bassist and co-singer LeeMarie on lead vocals (as opposed to the backup, trade-off, or emphasis she does on the other tracks).

“Even Sleeping” somewhat vividly laments the accidental death of a loved one.

“Ditches” urges you to never give up hope, and never stop fighting for what’s right, even when doing so may sometimes be tiring.

The metaphorical lyrics of “The City” enjoyably update and expand the ‘salt and light’ parable; and its music actually features a Ska-Punk guitar style.

“Homemade Valentine” brings back the appealing, driving Punk Rock/Rock, and its lyrics cleverly adapt Luke 24:13-34.

“Samantha” is a very serious segue that begs someone who is contemplating suicide to stop and hold on to life. It flows without any pause into the next track.

Immediately lightening the tone, “Mock The Music” is rocking, catchy, and fun.

“A Chance To Say Goodbye” is a fast-drummed (of course! ) rock ballad that humorously/seriously describes a child’s wistful farewell to the summer season.

“Time And Wasted Bullets” is another excellent track— lyrically intriguing, musically layered and rocking, and engagingly sung.

“Balloons Reprise” is a short (36-second), interesting reprise of “All My Balloons”, with a new intro and different lyrics.

And “Final”, yet another excellent track (and the perfect closer), sums up the future end of the world with rocking music and a bold, matter-of-fact attitude.

Children 18:3 is an excellent album— one that you’ll want to play over and over again— and it’s quite worthy of Best First Release.

Our rating for Children 18:3: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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