Children 18:3 – Rain’s ‘A Comin’

Rain's 'A Comin'

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BEST SECOND RELEASE 2010 Award Winner!
Children 18:3's 'Rain's 'A Comin' ' - Best Second Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: Gungor (Beautiful Things), Silverline (Voices In The Night).
Honorable Mention: Ivoryline (Vessels).


Rain’s ‘A Comin’ kicks off with its title track, featuring excellent music and very memorable vocals.

“Cover Your Eyes” follows that up with even more-driving and catchy music. Its lyrics emphasize no longer running away from difficult situations or choices, but instead facing them.

“The Cruel One” is lyrically based on The 101 Dalmations. Because of this, you might expect it to be humorous, but in fact it’s a heavily rocking track that is actually done quite seriously.

“Whispering” is the excellent, atmospheric, Western-y instrumental that they’ve been playing at their live shows for a while. We’re glad that it’s now been recorded.

“Hey Driftwood (Tides)” is a heavy, driving Rock ballad (and no, that’s not incompatible ). Again, it’s quite memorable (particularly near the end).

“Oh Bravo” is vocally carried almost exclusively by LeeMarie until the end. Lyrically, it paints a vivid picture of a little girl taking part in a talent show. The sincere and sweet climax to this story prompts you to smile, and the track then finishes off with some powerful group vocals, making this another excellent song.

“Oh Honestly!” is lyrically encouraging, and is musically interesting in that while its guitarwork is entirely acoustic, it’s medium-fast-paced and does build in steps.

“Wonder I” of course brings back the electric guitar , and its excellent vocals with absolutely perfect trade-offs and harmonies make it yet another very memorable track.

“Stronger” is musically varied during the verses and excellently heavy during the intro and chorus. Lyrically, it firmly resolves to push on through difficult circumstances.

“Jack ‘O’ Lantern Dreams” contains slightly more vague lyrics and a great short bridge (so short, in fact, that you wish it were much longer!).

“Lost So Long” features great lyrical imagery that turns slightly creepy (in a good way ) in the second verse, and (again) all-around excellent music.

Finally, the record is closed with “The Last Laugh”, a jaunty, old-time-type piano piece performed by LeeMarie.

In all, this is a great second release from Children 18:3— like their debut, it’s one that you’ll want to listen to over and over, and (also like their debut ) it’s worthy of this Award.

Our rating for Rain’s ‘A Comin’: 5 & 1/4 Stars. 5 & 1/4 Stars


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