Disciple – Back Again

Back Again

A Best Fifth Release Nominee in the 2005 Awards


Interestingly, along with improving their music even more, Back Again contains quite a bit heavier vocals overall than their other albums [so far ].

Energetic opening track “Back Again” has fast, Raprock-style verses, a screamed bridge, and a sung chorus, as well as a great guitar solo near the end.

“Fear” emphasizes why we should, and can, not be afraid. It’s all-around great.

“103” is musically quite heavy, lyrically as great as ever, and has a great vocal melody in the chorus. It’s an excellent track.

“Touch” is even heavier, in all ways.

Keeping the energy going, “Face” continues almost all of that heaviness, and it has an appealing chorus.

“Wait” has a muted intro, which of course then morphs into excellent heavy Hard Rock. This track also contains an unbelievably long, 20-second scream (from 3:24 to 3:44!), showcasing Kevin Young’s incredible vocal (and lung!) power.

“Hardened” has vocals that are muted and placed in the background during the verses, while the bridges and chorus are at full volume.

“Why Don’t You Shut Up” has a catchy, rhythmic intro; and the vocals are quite raw. Lyrically, they explain that they’ll always just be who they are, saying what they need to in the style that they need to, no matter what.

“Before You” is an absolutely excellent heavy track that includes several pace changes. It’s one of the album’s best.

“Remembering” contains a different kind of vocal melody in the chorus in contrast to the rest of the song. Its music is as heavy as the rest of the album, and there’s also a neat little instrumental bridge near the end.

“Not The Same” powerfully explains that it’s not what people (and bandmembers) look like or sound like, it’s what’s inside— what’s in the heart— that matters. It’s another of the album’s best tracks.

“Next Time” has slightly more singing in it than most of the other tracks, though the music is still just as heavy.

And the final track, “One More Time”, is the only slow-paced song on the disc; but it does not have the feel of a ballad. Instead, it’s dark and slowly-building, closing out the album very well.

This is yet another great Disciple album, and we recommend it.

Our rating for Back Again: 5 & 1/4 Stars. 5 & 1/4 Stars


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