Disciple – By God

By God

A Best Fourth Release Nominee in the 2005 Awards


By God opens with its fan-favorite title track, which humorously begins with the bandmembers shouting “Yee-haw!”, but then wastes no time diving into the heavy Hard Rock. The lyrics are as great as ever, and musically this track contains a neat pace change between the verses and the chorus.

“Not Rock Stars” is another excellent heavy track that firmly declares what Disciple is all about.

“God Of Elijah”, a solid fan favorite, is yet another excellent, rocking track that is just plain cool in all ways.

“Knocked Down” tones it down just slightly (to medium-heavy) until near the end. Its lyrics deal with recognizing our own mistakes and forgiving others’.

While its bridges are softer, most of the next track “Blow The House Down” brings the heaviness back fully.

“Coal” has a medium pace, and is interestingly half-heavy (during the bridges and chorus), half-not (during the verses). It also has a great bass/guitar line in the heavy bits.

“Can’t Breathe” slows the pace somewhat, and it’s actually the chorus that is softer (the verses and the bridge are still heavy).

“Salt Lamp”, though, brings the pace and the full Hard Rock heaviness right back up again.

“You Are Here” begins muted and almost suspenseful, then kicks into heavy verses, heavily rhythmic bridges, and a medium-heavy chorus.

“Thousand Things” is the first of two ballads on the album, and it’s a great one. Its verses are soft, and its chorus and final bridge are full regular Rock, with the music building in steps; and Kevin’s vocals are excellent.

“99”, of course, does get back to the Hard Rock. It also has some interesting vocals and melodies in the chorus.

“Whiny Britches” pulls the energy level up another notch with a great, rhythmic, fast Raprock chorus.

“You Rock My Socks Off” (featuring DJ Double K) actually opens with a little surprise record-scratching by the guest DJ. While indeed an unusual feature for a Disciple song, it mixes with the heavy Hard Rock quite well. This is yet another great track.

“Hate Your Guts” is another rhythmic, Raprock-type track, with (again) great heavy music, including a few quick pace changes during the long, rocking instrumental bridge.

“Whether They Like It Or Not” is a rhythmic track with several pace changes that make you pay attention. It’s an excellent, completely serious track right until the end… where they then send shout-outs to a large number of fellow bands (and even some radio stations) around at the time.

“Not Since Breakfast” is yet another great track, energetic and heavy.

In “Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired”, a synchronized bass/guitar/drum line is featured throughout, and in the chorus the vocals sync with it also.

“But Wait There’s More” (featuring Evelyn J. Jack), by way of both metaphor and plain speaking, lyrically calls everyone (including musicians) to be completely real. Guest Evelyn J. Jack’s background vocalizations provide a neat contrast to everything else, and there’s a great lead guitar solo, too. It’s yet another excellent track.

And the final listed track, “Rich Man”, is the second of the two ballads. It does not musically build like the first; instead, it just allows Kevin Young’s voice to carry the song.

There is also one more unlisted and untitled track (basically a hidden track) afterwards.

In total, By God is another great album from Disciple.

Our rating for By God: 5 Stars. 5 Stars


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