Disciple – Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality

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Disciple's 'Southern Hospitality' - A Notable 7th-or-Higher Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: NONE.


Disciple’s 8th album features vocals and a level of heaviness similar to their self-titled sixth release; but with their lineup changes, there are some new elements as well. And while their guitarwork has always been superb, its technicality has actually edged up a notch further.

Southern Hospitality kicks off with its indeed-Southern-touched, Hard-Rocking title track. It features exuberant lyrics, it’s catchy, and it’s excellent.

“Romance Me” quickens the pace a bit more with a driving beat and an energetic chorus.

“321” is another Southern-touched track, this one with lyrics reminding of the soon-approaching end of time. It flows into the next song without a pause.

“Whisper So Loud” is a driving, rhythmic track with an appealing chorus and an excellent high-speed guitar run in the bridge.

“Whatever Reason” is the disc’s first slowdown, but only to Rock — and it does pick up in power near the end.

Of course, “Phoenix Rising”, as you probably expect , brings the excellent full heaviness right back. The Hard Rock in the chorus and bridges is rhythmic and catchy.

“Liar” is even heavier, and (as explained in the liner notes) its lyrics deal with the struggle to forgive.

“Falling Star” is rhythmic with some appealing musical and vocal melodies; and it firmly points out that there is always hope, no matter what you may be feeling like.

“Right There” features full-sounding acoustic guitars in the verses and loud regular Rock in the intro, chorus, and bridge.

“On My Way Down” is heavier, and has another great guitar run near the track’s end.

“Lay My Burdens” begins with a bluesy, muted electric guitar, then kicks into great Hard-Edged Rock. Plus, just when you think it’s winding down, the rock slides back in for an encore! It’s an excellent track.

And the final track, “Savior”, is lyrically a compassionate prayer. Its music is low, medium-paced Rock; however, the vocals increase in height and emotion throughout, closing the album well.

This is yet another excellent album from Disciple, and it’s worthy of this Award.

Our rating for Southern Hospitality: 5 & 1/4 Stars. 5 & 1/4 Stars


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