Disciple – This Might Sting A Little

This Might Sting A Little

A Best Third Release Nominee in the 2005 Awards


Lyrically bold and both vocally and musically raw, This Might Sting A Little is a heavy-hitting Hard Rock album that, once started, doesn’t stop for a moment. And this is evidenced immediately by the excellent, fan-favorite opening track “I Just Know”.

The next track “Golden Calf” features rhythmic verses. Also, at the end it only appears to be finished; they tease you a little by starting and stopping the music several times.

“Big Bad Wolf”— another fan favorite— contains Raprock verses; a rhythmic chorus; and pace changes that, along with the heavy music, make this one of the best tracks on this (really all-great) album.

“1, 2, Conductor” has a bass/guitar line that pulls you in.

“Mud Puddle” is the first track to start off slow, and indeed its verses are all so; but it contains medium-heavy guitars during the bridges and chorus. Lyrically, it deals with forgiveness.

“Worship Conspiracy” begins muted, then gets back to the heavy Hard Rock.

“10 Minute Oil Change” has metaphorical lyrics and music that kicks in with an incredible fast-and-heavy-chugging bass/guitar line, which continues in various ways throughout the song. That this huge wall of sound (on this track and on the whole album) can come from just three people playing one instrument each is absolutely amazing.

“Turmoil” has more of a spoken-word feel to the vocals throughout the verses, with a rhythmic bridge and a mostly-screamed chorus; and, of course, this track has great music.

“Hello” is a quite energetic track, especially towards the end.

“Bring The Heat” begins with only the vocals, drums, and bass, the guitars kicking in a few seconds later. This track is fairly energetic also, especially in the chorus.

“Bernie’s Situation” opens with several screams, but overall it’s a slightly slower, dark, and lyrically-warning track.

“Underneath” starts off with a neat little jazzy guitar riff, which then quickly morphs into a perfectly accelerating line.

And in the final track “Furthermore”— yet another fan fave— the powerful lyrics are alternately spoken, yelled, and screamed, all of it punctuated by simply great heavy music. There is also a hidden track attached to the end.

In all, This Might Sting A Little is an excellent third release, and we definitely recommend it.

Our rating for This Might Sting A Little: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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