Dragons In Our Midst & Oracles Of Fire (By Bryan Davis)

Raising Dragons   The Candlestone   Circles Of Seven   Tears Of A Dragon

Eye Of The Oracle   Enoch's Ghost   Last Of The Nephilim   The Bones Of Makaidos

In this modern-day fantasy series, Bryan Davis weaves a unique and awesome plot (and sub-plots) with great twists and turns; breathes utterly fresh and exciting new life into the legend of Arthur and blends it in to wonderful effect; sprinkles in modern technology and a few delightful pop culture references; features dragons that are written better than any others we’ve seen; and writes characters (and their emotions, relationships, and both internal and external struggles) so compelling, they draw you in more than anything. And then Bryan puts it all down onto paper in a dramatically visual writing style that will have you seeing, not reading.

At first, the series focuses on Billy Bannister and the rapid changes that are occurring in his life. Everything he thought he knew is about to be turned upside-down, and he’ll be thrown into conflicts of epic proportions that have been thousands of years in the making. As the series (and sub-series) progresses, the focus broadens, more and more characters are brought to the forefront, and absolutely everything will turn out to be far larger, far deeper, and far more complex and epic than any of them ever imagined.

All eight novels are excellent, and we highly recommend them.

Our collective rating for Dragons In Our Midst and Oracles Of Fire
(for individual novel ratings see the sidebar above): 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars

The Bones Of Makaidos: Because of the vivid nature of Bryan Davis’ writing (mentioned below), 2 hospital scenes in the series’ finale may be mildly disturbing.

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