Eowyn – Silent Screams

Silent Screams


BEST THIRD RELEASE 2008 Award Winner!
Eowyn's 'Silent Screams' - Best Third Release Award Winner

Runner-Up: DJ Andy Hunter (Colour).
Honorable Mention: The Contact (Canvas Tears).


Eowyn’s third release shows a dramatic quality improvement from her previous work (in all ways)— the lyrics are better than ever; Eowyn’s expressive, powerful vocals now really come to the forefront; and the Hard Rock music is coherent and tight. (No less than five of these tracks gave us goosebumps…)

“Crashing” opens Silent Screams with intriguing, suspenseful sound effects, the Hard Rock kicking in soon after.

“Life” musically and vocally kicks it up further, and lyrically points out truth and hope to those in despair.

“To My Surprise” begins with (and later repeats) a vocal/music trade-off that pulls you in; and the expressive nature of Eowyn’s voice enhances the song’s powerful lyrics.

Excellent title track “Silent Screams” (featuring Rob Beckley of Pillar) describes the current state of far too many youth, and both gives them some hope while firmly telling adults that they need to get involved now.

“Runaway” features interesting drumwork, and its slightly softer verses kick into a fast-driving chorus.

“Unfinished Memories” is the only non-Hard Rock song on the disc, beginning with piano and then building in steps to a combination of piano, muted drums, acoustic guitar, and orchestration. Lyrically dealing with the accidental death of a former bandmember, it’s a deeply emotional (and powerful) track.

“Hands Of Time” is one of the most memorable tracks because— unique on the album— its rhythmic drums are in the foreground, and its dark, equally-rhythmic synths are perfectly entwined with both the drums and Eowyn’s vocals. It’s excellent, and it leaves you wanting more.

“Significant” builds through the verses to great Hard Rock in the chorus and bridge, and its lyrics give hope and strength.

“Saving Grace”, another excellent track, has great lyrics and soft verses contrasted by a powerful chorus. This is also one of the most memorable tracks.

Finally, “Goodbye” builds up to heavy Hard Rock music and closes the disc off right.

In all, Silent Screams is an excellent album, and it’s worthy of Best Third Release.

Our rating for Silent Screams: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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