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BEST FIRST RELEASE 2005 Award Winner!
Falling Up's 'Crashings' - Best First Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: Kids In The Way (Safe From The Losing Fight), Aaron Sprinkle (Lackluster), Showbread (No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical), tobyMac (Momentum),
Kutless (Kutless), John Reuben (Are We There Yet?), subseven (Free To Conquer),
Everyday Sunday (Stand Up), Dizmas (On A Search In America), Day Of Fire (Day Of Fire).
Honorable Mentions: Duvall (Volume & Density), Ever Stays Red (…I’ll Tell The World),
Sides Of The North (The Incurable Romantic).


On Crashings, the members of Falling Up show a remarkable (and admirable) maturity in both their music and lyrics. These are rather uncommon features in such a new, young band’s first release, and are major points in Falling Up’s favor. Also, because of their fairly large six-member band, their music can (and does) have a lot of layers, which makes it audibly interesting. When lead singer Jessy Ribordy adds his great vocals and their mature lyrics into the mix, the result is nothing short of excellent.

Crashings‘ first track, “Bittersweet”, is built up layer by layer until they reach the main theme [a great first-track feature that they also used on their second release]. This is a good rocking opener.

Next follows “Symmetry”, which features interesting melody combinations between the music and vocals and a great short rock riff near the end.

“Broken Heart” is a classic Falling Up song. Their first radio release, this rocking smash single is a fan favorite and all-around excellent.

“Escalates” is another good layered rocker.

“New Hope Generation” (featuring Benjiman), as its title suggests, is meant to acknowledge struggle and yet encourage you and give you hope. There are some great vocals in this song.

“The Gathering” is again about comfort and hope; and again, it has great music. The final verse has a good vocal combination, too.

“Jacksonfive” is different from the other songs on this album in that its vocals are done almost entirely by guests (Benjiman, Paul Wright, Jon Micah of Kutless, and Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter). If you know what those bands’ styles are— Benjiman is Hip-Hop (Rap), Paul Wright is Reggae-influenced Pop, Kutless at this point was Hard-Edged Rock/Rock, and Demon Hunter is Metal!— you have a good idea of how diverse this song is.

“Divinity”, another great track, has vocal and musical combinations that simply sweep you in (especially in the chorus and near the end).

“Places” is a bit faster-paced and continues the great vocals and music.

“Falling In Love”— beginning slower but picking right back up in the chorus— is a passionate song with great lyrics.

“Ambience” (again featuring great, rocking music) describes finally seeing through long-held lies, and in the process it rebukes those who have told them.

And the final track, “Arafax Deep”, closes off the album with yet more great lyrics and music.

Crashings is an excellent album, and worthy of Best First Release.

Our rating for Crashings: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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