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Dawn Escapes

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BEST SECOND RELEASE 2005 Award Winner!
Falling Up's 'Dawn Escapes' - Best Second Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: tobyMac (Welcome To Diverse City), Thousand Foot Krutch (Phenomenon), John Reuben (Hindsight), Mae (The Everglow), The Elms (Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll), Kevin Max (The Imposter), Bleach (Static), DJ Andy Hunter (Life), Relient K (Anatomy Of The Tongue In Cheek), Flatfoot 56 (Waves Of War).
Honorable Mentions: Pillar (Fireproof), Cool Hand Luke (The Fires Of Life).


One word: Wow.

Falling Up’s hit debut was excellent, earning a solid Best First Release… and with such talent, it was expected by nearly everyone who heard it that their second album would match (and probably even surpass) that.

It did.

Dawn Escapes, Falling Up’s second release, takes their original style and keeps the great guitars while also cranking the keyboards up a notch; maturing even further their music, vocals, and lyrics (which have become much more vague and artistic, adding another layer of interest), Falling Up does indeed meet (and exceed!) expectations.

Dawn Escapes kicks off with another first-track buildup on “Searchlights”. [Falling Up leads into the opening tracks of their first two albums by adding the instruments one by one, layer by layer, until they reach the main theme and vocals.]

“Exhibition” has the familiar layered guitars along with the upped keyboards, great drums, and (as ever) great vocals.

“Flights” begins with a great, short, synthesized-voice intro layered over building guitars, which flows into the rock a few seconds later.

“Exit Calypsan (Only In My Dreams)” features lyrics and music that are memorable (and simply great).

The medium-paced, intriguingly calming, and surprisingly beautiful track “Contact” is Falling Up’s slowest song so far. It provides a good break and a nice change of pace before the next track…

…And what a track it is! “Moonlit”, one of the radio singles released from this CD, is nearly tied with “Lights Of Reedsport” (below) for best track of the album. A rocking, rhythmic crowd-pleaser that makes you want to move, it’s an excellent song.

“Cascades” has some interesting melody combinations, a solid chorus, and a great rock riff near the end.

“Meridians” again has a great, interesting music combination, this time between the guitars, keyboards, and cool drum line. There are some neat vocal harmonies, too.

Now, if we absolutely had to choose a single track as the best track of the album (which is really almost impossible, because this whole CD is basically one hit after another), “Lights Of Reedsport” would be it. There are some awesome musical elements in this song (including guitars that are just powerful, and the guys using their voices to marvelous effect). It’s an amazing track.

“Marathons” is another great track. A type of anthem, it’s lyrically neat, musically sound, and a quite solid rocker.

“Fearless” has a cool, quick drum/guitar intro. The main melody, which contains some neat riffs, smoothly changes for the chorus and then just as smoothly eases back; and the final bridge’s vocal harmony and guitar combo is just great.

And to cap off this astounding release is “Intro The Gravity”. It begins with orchestration, which changes into a sweeping vocal, piano, guitar, and beat combination, closing this CD perfectly.


In all, Falling Up’s sophomore album upgrades their style, again showcases their talent, and is definitely worthy of Best Second Release.

Our rating for Dawn Escapes: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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