Falling Up – Fangs!


Fangs! is Falling Up’s first concept album, and it’s actually in the form of a sci-fi/fantasy story.

The concept is unique, and the disc does have some good songs and even several great songs (of the latter, notably “The Moonn And Sixpence” and “Streams Of Woe At Acheron”). However— aside from much of the music being fairly experimental, hence their new genre designation— the songs seem to only cover the first part of the story [which is a bit of a problem, because this later turned out to be Falling Up’s last record!]; and, while the general themes and some events are discernible, most of the lyrics are so vague that it’s often difficult to figure out what is supposed to be going on (at least with any specificity).

In all, we placed it just a hair over ‘fairly good’.

Our rating for Fangs!: 4 & 1/4 Stars. 4 & 1/4 Stars

“Lotus And The Languorous” contains one rather surprising word choice (not swearing {though the song does also have a use of D***ed meant literally}, but a strong word).

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