Family Force 5 – Business Up Front / Party In The Back

Business Up Front / Party In The BackBusiness Up Front / Party In The Back Diamond Edition

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BEST FIRST RELEASE 2006 Award Winner!
Family Force 5's 'Business Up Front / Party In The Back' - Best First Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: Red (End Of Silence), MuteMath (MuteMath),
Flyleaf (Flyleaf), Leeland (Sound Of Melodies), The Fold (This Too Shall Pass),
Fireflight (The Healing Of Harms), Fighting Instinct (Fighting Instinct).
Honorable Mentions: Decyfer Down (End Of Grey), Nevertheless (Live Like We’re Alive),
Edison Glass (A Burn Or A Shiver), Hundred Year Storm (Hello From The Children Of Planet Earth).


One of the great qualities of this album is that it actually gives you a strong urge to move around to it. Another great quality is how stunningly solid and all-around excellent it is— there isn’t a single filler to be seen.

The album kicks off with “Cadillac Phunque”, a great opener that introduces you to Family Force 5 and their amazing Crunk Rock genre in style!

Follows is “Kountry Gentlemen”. It has excellent music, as does the entire CD, and its lyrics (describing life in the south) are pretty humorous.

“X-Girlfriend” is a funny and quite catchy tune about, well, a girlfriend who now is likely not.

“Drama Queen” lyrically rebukes people who cut others down with their words and then don’t apologize, change, or even care. Even though the main point of the song is meant to be serious, they still mix in a little lyrical and vocal humor; and, as ever, this song is rockingly catchy.

“Put Ur Hands Up” humorously begins with a sentence that might need a little explanation. The line is “ugly people put your hands down”; for those who may not know, ‘ugly people’ is actually a catchphrase for ‘mean or bad-tempered people’— i.e., those with ‘ugly’ attitudes. (Just thought we should point that out. ) “Put Ur Hands Up” is a more laid-back and classy track overall— just plain

“Love Addict” (a #1 radio hit!) is probably the track that will get stuck in your head. “Love Addict”‘s sound is amazing— among other things, it contains some great electronic distortion on the guitars— and it’s extremely catchy.

“Earthquake” is another great, catchy (and quite hard-rocking) song. During the cheerleader segue, it also contains a really cool beat combination (a neat drum line along with clapping and pounding).

“Replace Me” is another great song— and while it’s actually the hardest-rocking track on the [original] disc, it’s both lyrically and musically rock-radio friendly. (Indeed, along with “Love Addict”, “Replace Me” is also a #1 hit!) This is yet another track that has amazing sound, especially after the second chorus, when the climbing notes and escalating power sweep you in.

“Lose Urself” moves back into their usual style somewhat, although this is probably the disc’s most Dance-style track (in both lyrics and music).

“Peachy” features verses that sound fairly different from the rest of the CD; however, the intro, bridges, and chorus (which are all very catchy) are more familiar.

“Supersonic” is yet another super-catchy, energetic, rocking song with great sound.

And the final track of the album is “Numb”. It has a humorous opening sentence, a super-fast beat, and somewhat different vocals until the chorus; and, like the rest of the album, it’s amazingly catchy (in fact you’ll probably be humming its chorus later ).

Special Diamond Edition Bonus Tracks:

Visually, the Diamond Edition of Business Up Front / Party In The Back has almost completely new artwork and packaging, and the liner notes are now on the opposite side of a poster; musically, it contains the entire original record plus three additional brand new tracks that were recorded specifically for this Edition.

The first new song is “I Love You To Death”, which as you might guess is a love song. This track is actually quite heavy-rocking (in fact it’s their heaviest one so far), especially during the energetic chorus.

“Face Down”— the most different-sounding from all the other tracks— has an intriguing intro, less sound effects, a different kind of singing during the verses, and is slower… yet it’s still great Crunk Rock.

Finally, the last new bonus song “Never Let Me Go” is more familiar and is yet another great, catchy rocker. (It’s probably going to be another fan favorite.) Interestingly, near the end of the track the music changes tone and speed twice, then switches back for a final chorus. As usual, “Never Let Me Go” has excellent music, and it also has a great lyrical message; closing the disc perfectly.

Business Up Front / Party In The Back is one of those CD’s that you’ll want to play again, and again, and— well— again… and you’ll literally feel good after listening to it! This album is one of the best we’ve ever heard, and it’s an excellent debut; more than worthy of Best First Release!

Our rating for Business Up Front / Party In The Back: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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