Family Force 5 – Dance Or Die With A Vengeance (Remix)

Dance Or Die With A Vengeance (Remix)

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As its humorous title suggests, Dance Or Die With A Vengeance is a remix of Family Force 5’s second studio album Dance Or Die, and all of the tracks (minus one alternate version and one brand new track) were remixed by other artists. As with our other remix reviews, we’ll grade each remixed track as either Great, Good, Fair, or Doesn’t-Make-Sense.

The disc opens with “Dance Or Die (The Secret Handshake Han Valen Remix)”. The music is a little different, but the basic melody remains intact— the main change is that it’s actually fuller-sounding. Additionally, the remixer added a few lyric lines of his own at the beginning and near the end of the track. In all, this one is Great (in fact, it’s equal to the original!).

“Get Your Back Off The Wall (3OH!3 Remix)” begins only with rhythmically-placed clips of the chorus vocals, building the clip rhythms until the first verse when the music comes in; and the actual chorus now has an entirely Dance feel. While the original version was definitely better, this remix is Good.

“Rip It Up (The Pragmatic Remix)” is Fair, with music that is very electronic (though somewhat stripped-down at times) and a melody that is quite different from the original. Also added to the track is a fairly ridiculous fictional dialogue between a character called ‘Dr. Disco’ and two assistants.

As electronic as the original version was, the remixer of “How In The World (Suave Suarez Remix)” added more electronics, then sped up the tempo and completely changed the melody (creating a very strange contrast in the chorus); so this one is Fair-to-Doesn’t-Make-Sense.

“Fever (The Toxic Avenger Remix)” was handled with much the same approach as the previous track. Though this one turned out somewhat better, the new electronics and melody are still rather strange through most of the track, and the end drags on a bit, so this also rates as Fair-to-Doesn’t-Make-Sense.

“Party Foul (Sami D’s UVS Remix)”, however, is Great. Just the chorus and a few verse lines (along with a line from the remixer) are used throughout, the rest being instrumental with a new melody that fits perfectly and electronics that make you want to move around to them.

“D-I-E 4 Y-O-U (RAC Mix)” is also Great. The music is now a fast-paced Dance style, with a great take on the chorus (especially at the end, where it slows down and crashing cymbals drop in to emphasize Soul Glow’s powerful closing vocals).

“Share It With Me (Smile Future Remix)” is (of course ) more electronic, and it also has a faster tempo than the original; but the new music feels too upbeat for the lyrics (though the new guitar solo and musical tone in the last verse is great), so it’s Fair.

“The First Time (Matt Thiessen Remix)”— by Matt T. of Relient K— uses high-pitched beats and background notes. For some reason, Matt also threw in a new, humorously-nonsense lyric line near the track’s end. This one is Good-to-Fair.

“Wake The Dead (Lalipop Remix)” features synths and fast-paced beats that are amazingly full-sounding, quite intriguing and appealing, and (again) make you want to move. Great.

“Radiator (Jasen Rauch Remix)”— by Jasen Rauch of Red— is the best remix of the disc. Its music is not electronic at all; rather, it’s somewhat muted (but excellent) new heavy rock. Not only is it Great, it’s easily at least as good as the original (and some may in fact prefer it!).

“Ghostride The Whip” is the disc’s brand-new track… and, believe it or not, it’s pure Hip-Hop (Rap)!! What’s brilliant is that it’s partly serious along with being mostly hilarious— it’s both a genuine tribute to, and yet a complete parody of, the genre all at the same time. (You’ll probably find yourself alternating between grooving to the rap and then just laughing hysterically. ) It’s great fun, and excellent.

The “Rip It Up Alt. ATL Take (Croul-Glo-Activaton Version 2.009)” is fast-paced and entirely electronic, has a totally different musical melody than the original, and also has new vocals (done mostly by Crouton) along with an extra lyric line. This is a Great alternate version.

Finally, the album closes with “How In The World (David*Crowder Band – Uncredited [Extra] Mix Ver. 2)”. Contrary to what you might have expected from a remix by David*Crowder Band, this is actually both faster-paced and slightly ‘heavier’ (in an electronic sense) than the original. It’s Good.

In all, though we’d probably recommend it only to fans , this is a good remix album.

Our rating for Dance Or Die With A Vengeance (Remix): 5 Stars. 5 Stars


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