Family Force 5 – Dance Or Die

Dance Or Die

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A Best Second Release Honorable Mention in the 2008 Awards


Interestingly, Family Force 5 went in a new direction with their second release— while there are several familiar-feeling tracks, the majority of them are actually quite different, and there is a much more Electronic feel overall.

Dance Or Die opens with its title track, which happens to be one of the different-sounding songs. Along with more Funk-influenced rhythms, it features light, high synths mixed into the chorus and bridge.

The disc then kicks into high gear with “Get Your Back Off The Wall”, an excellent track. It’s extremely catchy; has a great, rhythmic and energetic drum line; and a heavy-rocking chorus (both musically and vocally). It’s easily one of the best tracks on the disc.

“Rip It Up” is one of the inevitable songs about dancing , and it’s well-done.

“How In The World” is musically quite different-sounding (very Electronic with some Pop touches), and lyrically a sweet love song.

“Fever”, another one of this album’s best tracks, kicks the energy back up again with excellent, catchy rhythmic rock.

“Party Foul” is very Electronic (this time in a more bouncy style), and, basically, its message is don’t tolerate jerks or jerky behavior.

“D-I-E 4 Y-O-U” features vocals that are somewhat in the background and great, darker and faster music.

“Share It With Me” is the most different-sounding track on the disc— including Pop/Rock piano accents and Pop vocals (!)— and it’s a breakup song, at that; yet, despite the subject, this track is surprisingly appealing.

“The First Time” is a medium-rock love song and a great track.

“Wake The Dead” is another extremely catchy, rocking, and excellent song, with great lyrics both describing and rebutting some criticisms that they (and other bands) have received. It’s another of this disc’s best.

Finally, “Radiator” is another excellent track, another disc-best, and a great closer. The music is catchy (of course ), the vocals are emphasized at the perfect points, and the vocal- and beat-rhythm combination in the second part of the chorus is just plain great.

It may take an extra listen or two for fans of FF5’s first release to really get used to some of Dance Or Die‘s more different-sounding tracks , but it is a good album and a good sophomore release.

Our rating for Dance Or Die: 5 & 1/4 Stars. 5 & 1/4 Stars


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