Five Iron Frenzy – All The Hype That Money Can Buy

All The Hype That Money Can Buy

All The Hype That Money Can Buy begins with “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. That pretty much says it (sarcastically speaking)… it’s not the best opener.

However, the next track “Me Oh My” (a fan favorite) picks up the pace a bit more and definitely makes up for the previous track.

“Solidarity” has good lyrics, but musically is a bit silly-sounding (goofy vocals and sound effects, etc.).

“The Phantom Mullet” contains hilarious lyrics about the mullet hairstyle.

“Ugly Day” is another fan fave; its lyrics describe deeply missing someone.

“Faranheit” is cynical, strange, and somewhat unpleasant (see the Content Advisory); and the music could have been better, too.

“Four-Fifty-One” calls people out for not being bold enough, and for holding on too tightly to symbolism, legalism, and forms instead of functions. [Note: For an explanation of this last point, please see our Debate #2: Christian Music article.]

“You Probably Shouldn’t Move Here” is another absolutely hilarious song, this time about California (and about leaving it and moving to Colorado)! They inexplicably add yodeling, too. “You Probably Shouldn’t Move Here” is definitely one of their funniest songs.

“Hurricanes” slows down the pace a bit, but is fairly good.

“Giants” starts off with strange, maniacal laughter; it has humorous and mock-creepy music, too. It criticizes those who desire power and dominance, crushing all in their path without remorse. “Giants” is one of the most musically interesting tracks FIF has done.

“I Still Like Larry” is hilarious nonsense.

“All The Hype” light-heartedly pokes fun at, well, all the hype. At the end lead singer Reese Roper explains that they’re just normal people, like everyone else; just because they’re in a band doesn’t mean they’re better.

Their cover of Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual” is not great, but it’s at least okay, and it has a humorous ending.

“A New Hope” is a hope-out-of-tragedy memorial of the people who were murdered in the Columbine school shootings.

Finally, “World Without End”— one last fan favorite— is the perfect closer track. It’s a great song, and it fades out to a chorus of voices only.

[Note: This album also contains a pregap hidden track, consisting of several quick seconds of jamming and then the band saying “What’s up?” ]

In total, it’s a fair CD.

Our rating for All The Hype That Money Can Buy: 4 Stars. 4 Stars

The track “Faranheit” describes Reese’s former hatred of someone who was living a particular immoral lifestyle, with the point that— while the person’s lifestyle was wrong— it was also wrong for Reese to hate.

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