Five Iron Frenzy – Our Newest Album Ever!

Our Newest Album Ever!

Hear Entire Album Online!Hear Entire Album Online!


Our Newest Album Ever!, Five Iron’s second CD release, contains many songs that would become instant fan favorites.

“Handbook For The Sellout” is a song directed at those who’ve, well, sold out— rather than being themselves (and being satisfied with who they are), they changed to go the fake and ‘popular’ route… and consequently failed.

“Where Is Micah?” is a cute song that has no other purpose than to rib Micah Ortega (one of their guitarists).

“Superpowers” is a hilarious tune describing Five Iron’s highly unglamorous life as a band, in contrast to what music fans often think.

“Fistful Of Sand” is a good, but rather strange-sounding, song that shows how futile it is to lust for wealth here on earth.

“Suckerpunch” is an underdog anthem.

“Blue Comb ’78” is another cute song that actually created a tradition among fans to literally send and give blue combs to the band— a tradition that lasted right up to (and probably past) the band’s end.

“Oh, Canada” is another hilarious tune about, well, Canada and all the things that make it great…

“Most Likely To Succeed” reproves the selfish and brings them down to earth.

And to cap off the album is “Every New Day”, a great song that Five Iron traditionally closed every live show with.

(Attached afterwards is a hilarious hidden track called “The Godzilla Song”, which is basically them goofing around in the recording studio. )

This is one of Five Iron Frenzy’s classic albums (and also one of their best), a must-have for any F.I.F. fan.

Our rating for Our Newest Album Ever!: 4 & 1/2 Stars. 4 & 1/2 Stars


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