Five Iron Frenzy – Proof That The Youth Are Revolting (Live)

Proof That The Youth Are Revolting (Live)

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Proof That The Youth Are Revolting was recorded at Cornerstone Festival IL. in 1999.

This live recording sounds amazing in all ways— the sound itself is incredible (almost studio quality), and their musical performance on most of the songs is better than their original recorded versions!

Proof… contains pretty much all of the fan-favorite songs that had been recorded before ’99 (such as “One Girl Army”, “Oh Canada”, “A Flowery Song”, “Handbook for the Sellout”, “Dandelions”, “Suckerpunch”, the “Kingdom Of The Dinosaurs” hidden track, “Arnold & Willis & Mr. Drumond”, “Where 0 Meets 15”, “Superpowers”, “Blue Comb 78”, and “Every New Day”) and even a few ‘new’ songs that you hear for the first time live on this record before they were released on a studio album (the “It’s Not Unusual” cover, “New Hope”, and “Ugly Day”).

And, of course, it also contains some great crowd participation, plenty of extra humor thrown in between the songs, and all the other elements that make live shows so great.

Plus— as usual for a Five Iron album— there’s a hidden track! This one is especially funny because it features real outtakes and bloopers from the previous 11 shows that they had tried to record.

All of this together makes Proof That The Youth Are Revolting an excellent album and a definite must for anyone who likes Five Iron Frenzy.

Our rating for Proof That The Youth Are Revolting (Live): 5 & 1/4 Stars. 5 & 1/4 Stars


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