Five Iron Frenzy – Quantity Is Job 1 (EP)

Quantity Is Job 1 EP

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This is Five Iron Frenzy’s only CD EP (they did release one or two more on vinyl). However, this EP is well-known, full-length, and completely exclusive, so we count it as a regular release (as explained in our FAQ).

The opening track “My Evil Plan To Save The World” starts off quite funny; then the lyrics get more serious towards the end. (Lead singer Reese Roper also gives a helpful explanation of the song’s meaning in the liner notes.)

“All That Is Good” encourages you to use your mind to test and find the truth.

“Dandelions” is not only a fan fave, it’s one of the all-time top fan faves. It’s an excellent song.

“One Girl Army” is another fan fave and a great energetic rocker. It encourages girls to simply be themselves; it also speaks of society at large.

FIF next adds a cover of Electric Light Orchestra’s “Sweet Talkin’ Woman”. It’s the only really weak track of the disc.

“When I Go Out” is a funny, strange, short, and rapid nonsense song.

“Get Your Riot Gear”, as Reese explains in the liner notes, is about a riot that happened after Superbowl XXXII in Denver, CO.

“The Untimely Death Of Brad” is hilariously funny. And no, Brad did NOT actually die, thank goodness! This song is merely making fun of the rumors and wild speculation that can be found on the internet (obviously, a bad rumor somehow got started about Brad). Unfortunately this is not uncommon, especially among celebrities. A rumor gets started about a celebrity’s death, and then if it gains enough momentum the ‘news’ will eventually get back around to that person; and if they have a sense of humor, like FIF, they can at least get a good laugh out of what really isn’t funny.

Tracks 9 through 16 (not listed on the CD back) are collectively called “These Are Not My Pants (The Rock Opera)”, which is one of the silliest (and one of the absolute funniest) things Five Iron Frenzy’s ever done. It is indeed a rock opera… and it is indeed about pants (and trying to find out whose they are)! Each of the tracks are musically different— for example, track 12 is fake Hardcore, with outrageous, exaggerated vocals. And the last Rock Opera track, 16, makes fun of some mainstream rappers that swear (they add in fake bleep-outs where there’s obviously nothing to censor, etc.). The hilarity of the whole thing is enormous, and it’s just as funny on later listens as it is on the first.

And, as usual, there is of course a hidden track after that. After about 5 minutes of silence on track 17, you finally get to it, but it’s worth the wait. It features the band goofing around in the studio again; first, they practice “When I Go Out” several times, and then they follow that with the hilarious made-up “Kingdom Of The Dinosaurs”.

Five Iron Frenzy’s Quantity Is Job 1 EP is one of their best releases, and it’s a definite fan must-have.

Our rating for Quantity Is Job 1 (EP): 5 Stars. 5 Stars


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