Flatfoot 56 – Knuckles Up

Knuckles UpKnuckles Up (Rerelease)


BEST THIRD RELEASE 2005 Award Winner!
Flatfoot 56's 'Knuckles Up' - Best Third Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: Disciple (This Might Sting A Little), Further Seems Forever (Hide Nothing),
Pillar (Where Do We Go From Here?), John Reuben (Professional Rapper).
Honorable Mentions: Relient K (Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right… But Three Do),
Thousand Foot Krutch (The Art Of Breaking).


Flatfoot 56’s third release is their true debut in a number of ways. [One being its rerelease in 2006, with new artwork and ‘even harder-hitting’ remastered sound, as their first album through Flicker Records which they signed to at the end of 2005.] In Knuckles Up, Flatfoot has completely perfected and solidified their sound. It’s an album that’s definitely worthy of Best Third Release.

Knuckles Up kicks off with “This Town”, a rally cry to clean up the world and bring morals and standards back into the culture.

Following that is “Brotherhood”, a fast-paced, awesome-sounding fan favorite that is one of Flatfoot 56’s all-time best.

“Knuckles Up” and “Breakin’ The Law” are also energetic rockers, each with their own unique lyrics.

“Hold Fast” is another great song and another fan favorite.

“Chi-Town Beat Down” is different in that most of it is actually sung by Flatfoot 56’s drummer, and he sings it fairly rapidly.

“Battle Of Bones” is a pirate story-song that, while having a sorry end for the pirate captain, still somehow makes you smile when you listen to it.

“Blood And Sweat” rebukes those who are or have been hypocrites.

“The Rotten Hand” (its title referring to a hand of cards) is a literally hilarious tune that is really beyond describing here. (If we did, we’d end up giving you a summary of the whole song. Instead, we’re going to leave our ‘description’ at that and let you hear the humor for yourself. )

“Fight To Live”, like its predecessor “America’s Holocaust” on Rumble Of 56, is a powerful song that pleads on behalf of the innocent children murdered by abortion every day.

Flatfoot 56 also includes their excellent version of “Amazing Grace” (featuring Dan Hansen). Beginning with bagpipes alone, adding in the rest of the band for the Punk Rocking main part of the song, and then fading out at the end to guest Dan Hansen’s great acoustic guitar playing, this is definitely one of our all-time favorite renditions of Amazing Grace.

And the final track, a short and pretty flute or whistle instrumental called “Arran Boat” (featuring guest Scarlett Herrin), finishes the album with a flourish.

Our rating for Knuckles Up: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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