Flatfoot 56 – Live Show “Hold fast!”

A Best Live Show Nominee in the 2005-2011 Awards


Flatfoot 56 - Tobin Bawinkel Flatfoot 56 - Kyle Bawinkel
Flatfoot 56 - Brandon Good Flatfoot 56 - Eric McMahon
Flatfoot 56

(Photo Credits: Ember)

Looking at FF56’s live show ratings, you may be wondering why a show at one particular festival would be rated differently from the rest of their shows elsewhere.

There are several reasons: First, since the bandmembers are from Illinois, Cornerstone Festival is basically their home festival; because of that, the crowd is much larger and much more involved. And, unlike any other Flatfoot show (even the other ones they play during that fest), the band’s traditional midnight set there is actually themed (one year had a Greek theme, another year had a Mexican one, another was shark-themed, etc.)— complete with costumes and props! — bringing a totally exclusive bit of hilarity to it. Add to that its midnight-or-later start time and the unique atmosphere provided by both that festival itself and the bandmembers’ and crowd’s participation, and you have a show that’s hilarious, rollicking, and just plain fun.

So, by all means, see Flatfoot 56 where you can; but if you can see them at their Award-nominated midnight set at Cornerstone Festival IL., you’re in for a real treat.

Live Show Rating (Cornerstone Festival IL.): 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars
Live Show Rating (anywhere else): 5 Stars. 5 Stars


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