Haste The Day – Attack Of The Wolf King

Attack Of The Wolf KingAttack Of The Wolf King Deluxe Edition

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BEST FIFTH RELEASE 2010 Award Winner!
Haste The Day's 'Attack Of The Wolf King' - Best Fifth Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: NONE.


Well, Attack Of The Wolf King ended up being Haste The Day’s last album, but they sure went out with a bang, because it also ended up being their best.

It’s a concept album, featuring three groups of characters— some sheep, some wolves who are trying to devour them, and some lions who protect the sheep. With excellent, very dynamic Melodic Metal music, a great vocal style blending traits of Metal and Screamo (complete with some quite memorable singing parts), and perfectly-fitting lyrics, this is an all-around excellent record.

Special Edition Bonus Content:

The Deluxe Edition features an exclusive DVD as well as three bonus tracks on the CD. The first of the bonus tracks is “Meet Me Half Way”, and we’ll be honest— it had never crossed our minds that someone might do a Hardcore cover of this Black Eyed Peas song. However, we’re quite glad that it happened to cross theirs, because not only does HTD’s cover blow the original away, but it’s downright fantastic in itself! Also included are two live tracks, “Blue 42” (recorded in Auckland, NZ) and “Pressure The Hinges” (recorded in Capetown, SA).

The DVD contains an excellent 50-minute documentary titled “To The Ends Of The Earth”, featuring live show footage, behind-the-scenes adventures, and interviews from different tour stops around the world (which are available to watch in either separate, location-based segments or as a whole). Also on the DVD are 2 music videos (“Mad Men” and “Stitches”) and an item called “The Traveling ABCs”, which is a short, hilariously goofy bonus.


In the end, with Attack Of The Wolf King Haste The Day gave everyone the best farewell gift possible— and it is definitely worthy of Best Fifth Release.

Our rating for Attack Of The Wolf King: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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