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High Flight Society


BEST FIRST RELEASE 2007 Award Winner!
High Flight Society's 'High Flight Society' - Best First Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: Group 1 Crew (Group 1 Crew), Deas Vail (All The Houses Look The Same),
Wavorly (Conquering The Fear Of Flight), The Send (Cosmos),
Half Past Forever (Take A Chance On Something Beautiful), The Almost (Southern Weather),
The Glorious Unseen (Tonight The Stars Speak), Lost Ocean (Lost Ocean).


Kicking off High Flight Society’s self-titled first release, “Time Is Running Out (Where To Start)” dives right into their energetic Melodic Rock/Rock music and Jason Wilkes’ excellent, smoothly powerful vocals.

“Up Above” continues these characteristics with lyrics that are positive and upbeat.

“Sweet Redeemer” is one of the best tracks on the album, with perfect, no-nonsense Rock music and escalating vocals.

“Learn To Let Go” is another great, energetic Rock track, and its guitars are fairly catchy.

“Declaration” is a little softer, but Wilkes’ voice effortlessly carries the song with the same smooth power.

“Loss For Words” brings the solid Rock right back with a lyrical message of hope and great vocal and musical melodies (and the chorus vocally escalates a bit at the end, too).

“Escaping” is a slower-paced Rock song with lyrics, vocals, and music that you can just soak in.

“Wake Up” picks up the pace again with a warning message.

Another best, “What’s Wrong” begins muted and softer, then turns the volume up with firm lyrics, excellent guitarwork, and great vocals.

“I Will Follow You” is probably the album’s best track— its excellent Rock and blend of vocal and musical melodies pull you in.

Finally, the closer track “Get By” musically starts slow and builds throughout, and has lyrics of hope.

Our rating for High Flight Society: 5 & 1/4 Stars. 5 & 1/4 Stars


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