We’ll cut right to the quick; Hoodwinked is a 3D-animated comical masterpiece that gives the classic ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ tale a whole new twist (or, more accurately, five whole new twists! ). This brilliant retelling gives you the ‘real’ story behind the fairy tale— and what a plot it is!

The movie begins with a short recap scene of the story we all know— albeit with a more skeptical and capable Red and a more sarcastic Wolf— including the wolf threatening Red, Granny tied up in the closet, and the Woodsman crashing in with an axe. But, as this movie will point out, appearances can be deceiving, things are definitely not what they seem, and there’s always more than one side to a story.

The police and a private eye arrive, all animals of course, and an official investigation begins. This is where the plot thickens… and becomes intensely funny. From here, the story splits four ways, one for each of the suspects’ testimonies; and once the truth is finally found out, there’s still the true villain to catch.

Now, to those who’ve noticed the clichés in this review so far, yes, we are doing that on purpose. You see, Hoodwinked itself is bursting at the seams with hilarious stereotypes and clichés— in fact, you can hardly go a minute without several (visually, verbally, or even musically). That, combined with the numerous movie, TV, pop culture, and even other fairy tale nods (like the Looney Tunes, old Mountain Dew commercials, Saturday Night Fever, Where Eagles Dare, The Thin Man Mysteries, The Wizard Of Oz, The Terminator, Star Wars, Spiderman, The Matrix, and much more), other humor, and the sheer brilliance of the plot, will have you alternately intrigued… and bursting out in wild laughter.

Hoodwinked is a very clever and funny movie (which, best of all, is completely clean as well!), and we highly recommend it.

Our rating for Hoodwinked: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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