John Reuben – Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

A Best First Release Nominee in the 2005 Awards


Are We There Yet? begins with “Divine Inspiration” (featuring Alan Auguste’), a good start to the CD as it explains what John is all about. The end of this track introduces “Cleaze”— John’s ‘nemesis’ in several of his songs and music videos — and it serves as a lead-in to the next track…

…The classic “Do Not”, one of the all-time fan favorites [and played at live shows to this day]. It’s easy to see why— the whole thing is quite catchy, and the lyrics are excellent.

“No Regrets” is a great song that describes John’s struggle to live with no regrets (and his eventual success).

“Him Her He She” is what John would call one of his ‘occasional dance tracks’— it’s a song that’s fun and fairly catchy.

“X-Ray” changes the mood completely— it’s a dark and very serious song about depression and denial. It’s sort of an eye-opener for people who may not realize they’re going through that.

The next track “Gather In”, however, brings the mood back up; it’s a catchy tune featuring the “Whoa, ba da-da-da” line that John sometimes used by itself to tease the crowd in his live shows.

“Rest Easy” is another good song. Lyrically a sequel to “No Regrets”, it’s also strong on its own.

“Hello Ego” is a truthful yet at the same time very humorous tune directed at those with overly large egos. John is actually talking to one of these people on the phone during the song, and it’s Cleaze! In fact, one of the funniest parts of the song is Cleaze trying to console himself after John gracefully hangs up.

“Jezebel” (featuring Cristina Elen) is a song that describes, and warns against, a dangerous relationship with someone who’s only playing for pleasure. It ends with John seeing through the façade and doing the right thing: saying goodbye and walking away.

“Draw Near” is another great song that is filled with firm hope.

“Identify” details some of John’s struggles during the verses and his victories and hope during the chorus and bridge.

“Place To Be” (featuring Speedy and Alan Auguste’) is a literally hilarious track in which Speedy, Alan, and John all attempt to freestyle in the studio.

Finally, the last track “God Is Love” (featuring tobyMac) closes the album off nicely.

In all, Are We There Yet? is a great debut.

Our rating for Are We There Yet?: 5 Stars. 5 Stars


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