John Reuben – Hindsight


A Best Second Release Nominee in the 2005 Awards


Interestingly, as compared to Reuben’s other projects [both past and future], Hindsight has a nice laid-back feel throughout most of its entire length.

The album kicks off with “I’ll Try Harder”, a humorous diary entry that leads right into the next track (“I John Reu”).

“I John Reu” is a song that John has often played live; and while this version is obviously quite good, the live version is even better because of John’s humorous interaction with his bandmembers during it.

“Hindsight” is a great song about how to live life; as usual, John’s insight serves him well.

“Soundman” is a catchy and fairly humorous tune that, as you might expect from the title, is pretty much about live show soundmen. (…Or then again, maybe not. )

“Breathe”‘s excellent music and great lyrics make this song another one of John’s best.

From the chorus and some of the other lyrics of “I Pictured It”, you might think that it’s about a relationship of John’s, but it’s really another life-song.

“01/08/02” is another diary entry. This one is actually somewhat serious; but like the other diary entry, it leads right into the next track (“Doin'”).

“Doin'” is a great track— one of the all-time fan favorites, played at every show. The CD version (as opposed to the live show or music video versions) actually features a couple clips from some of the ‘dippity-doers’— one of whom is Cleaze (!), who seems to have chilled out somewhat since the previous album.

“Thank You” (featuring Manchild and Othello) is a quite catchy track. There’s a bit of humor at the end, too— John’s DJ puts the beginning of the song “Him Her He She” (from John’s previous album) onto the turntable, and you then hear John hysterically yelling “You see, I told you!! That’s a hit!!!”

“DJ Manuel (Turntablism 101)” is a short DJ-only track, providing a nice segue.

“Up And At Them” is another great upbeat song. In it John humorously uses a lot of large words that often start with the same letter.

“Defensive Offender” is the only rather dark track on the album— it addresses hate and harsh/manipulative words.

Finally, “Pataskala” is one more life-song that is slightly humorous but mostly just true. (John’s DJ finishes it with some humor, too.) This track caps off the album in style.

Hindsight is an excellent record, and we definitely recommend it.

Our rating for Hindsight: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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