John Reuben – Live Show “He made the Hip-Hop happy!”


BEST LIVE SHOW 2005 Award Winner,
and a Best Live Show Nominee in the 2006-2011 Awards!
John Reuben - Best Live Show Award Winner

Runners-Up: tobyMac, The Newsboys, Flatfoot 56 (Cornerstone Festival IL. set),
The O.C. Supertones.


First, let’s introduce you to his music. John Reuben’s projects are mostly Hip-Hop (Rap)/Experimental/Rock— meaning, he uses full rock instrumentation as well as DJ scratches and beats; has very understandable rapping (in fact he’s the slowest rapper we’ve heard!) along with occasional singing; and he also has an excellent sense of timing, very unique lyrics and wording, and a great personality.

That personality, by the way, is fairly humorous; so he does have a lot of lighthearted content on his albums. But he doesn’t shy away from the heavy stuff, either— John does literally bare his soul on many tracks. Most of his songs also include comments and insights on life and culture; some consume an entire song, others are contained in one line. Those insights hit you in amazing ways, making you see or understand things in a new or freshly different light. In fact, when commenting on such things, John often has stunning clarity, admirable honesty, and piercing wisdom.

All of these elements combine to create some impressive albums… yet onstage, he’s even better.

John Reuben John Reuben's DJ
John Reuben's Drummer

(Photo Credits: Ember)

As we mentioned before, John Reuben has a fairly humorous personality; and, because of this, his interactions with live show crowds are usually downright hilarious. John likes to tease the crowd into participating, and the even more funny element is that not only does John like to tease his fans, his fans also like returning the favor! In fact, many people who have been to a few of his shows (and so know a fair amount of what he’s going to do) will tease him right back during the show— often prompting more funny dialogue from him. And his recent shows have even incorporated hilarious costumes, too!

John Reuben

(Photo Credits: Ember)

In all, the aforementioned teasing, his humorous expressions, and constant interaction— taken with the songs as well— make a John Reuben show quite enjoyable, indeed.

John Reuben

(Photo Credits: Ember)

Live Show Rating: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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