John Reuben – So In Hindsight The Professional Rapper Isn’t There Yet (Remix)

So In Hindsight The Professional Rapper Isn't There Yet (Remix)


Well, like many remix CD’s, there are a few great remixes, a few good remixes, a few fair remixes, and a few that don’t really make sense. And for the record, all of the original versions of these particular songs are better. That said, there are several interesting remixes on here, so we’ll get right into the review.

“Do Not (Liquid Beats Club Remix)” is a Fair remix with a kind of Spanish flavor.

“Divine Inspiration (Elected Official Remix)” has a new beat that sounds really neat… except during the chorus, where it sounds a bit strange. If not for that, we’d classify this as one of the great remixes. So, it’s Good.

“Gather In (DJ Form Remix)” is Fair. Its new music is mostly just beats; it’s not quite as energetic or full-sounding as the original.

“Hindsight (Elected Official Remix)” is a Fair remix, darker in its musical nature than the original. The darker music provides an interesting take on the song, for sure.

“Breathe (Liquid Beats Remix)” is a Great remix. It’s musically stripped down from the original— just an acoustic guitar, a bass, and an upgraded beat.

“Doin’ (Liquid Beats Remix)” is again Great. It’s a little faster and even more upbeat than the original.

“Move (DJ Form Remix)” is the third Great remix in a row. Its music is very different from the original— it’s intriguing, and almost suspenseful.

“I Haven’t Been Myself (DJ Form Remix)” is one of two This Just Doesn’t Make Sense remixes. While it does sound kind of cool, it is unfortunately far too upbeat. The original was musically dark and somewhat intense, and that’s exactly how it should have been. This remix is musically too ‘happy’-sounding for the lyrics.

And “Life is Short (Elected Official Remix)” is the other Doesn’t Make Sense remix. The new music that they use just doesn’t fit (especially in the chorus, but also during the rest of it). The last 10 seconds are cool, though.

Bonus Tracks:

“Do Not (Liquid Beats Smoothed Out Remix)” is a Great remix. They use a new beat and some really cool, laid-back-jazzy-piano music that properly picks up during the chorus and bridge.

“Gather In (Elected Official Remix)” is Fair. It sounds a little strange at first, because of the background music itself and also because they slowed John’s voice down a bit; by the second verse, though, you’re used to it. It also has an interesting and fairly cool take on the chorus.

Finally, “Life is Short (DJ Form Remix)” is Fair. Again, the new music doesn’t exactly fit this song; but it is better than the other “Life is Short” remix.

Our recommendation? Get John’s actual studio albums first, and then if you feel like it get this one to hear other people’s remixes of some of his work.

Our rating for So in Hindsight the Professional Rapper Isn’t There Yet:
3 Stars. 3 Stars


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