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A Best First Release Nominee in the 2005 Awards


Kutless’ classic debut album [still their heaviest (and best) to date] combines Hard-Edged Rock and Hard Rock. This style, along with frontman Jon Micah Sumrall’s medium- to medium-low vocal powerhouse, made it their label’s highest-selling debut at the time of its release.

The album begins with fan favorite “Your Touch”, containing the great Hard-Edged Rock/Hard Rock that fills this entire album. Near the end the song slows and then builds perfectly.

“In Me” has music that is somewhat different from the other tracks during the verses, but during the chorus it returns to the album’s familiar sound.

“Run” has a slower pace, but don’t be fooled— the lyrics are powerful, and the music certainly rocks during the chorus (especially near the end).

“Vow”, kicking the pace back up again, describes not only wanting to change for the better, but actually doing so. Vocally, this song is a great example of Jon Micah’s naturally powerful voice, and the other bandmembers provide a great-sounding harmonious backdrop during the chorus.

“Pride Away” (featuring Benjiman) is another all-around great song. Near the end, guest Benjiman adds some rap verses over excellent guitars, and Jon’s final vocal emphasis finishes off the track in style.

“Down” starts somewhat slow and soft, but the heavy rock kicks in soon after. Lyrically, it describes a girl who is obsessive about her appearance to the point of self-injury, and how destructive and unnecessary that really is.

“Again” begins with background voices and sound effects, and the verses use darker music, picking up into the familiar sound during the chorus. Also, the bridge near the end is quite heavy (and very good).

“Dry” starts slow and then everything builds by steps throughout; in fact, the later choruses are another great vocal-power example.

Full Hard Rock track “Tonight” is the most constantly-heavy track on the disc; and with its great lyrics and excellent, very memorable musical qualities, it’s easy to see why it’s a fan favorite.

“This Time” is another track that begins slow but gradually builds, and again its later choruses are quite powerful (vocally and musically).

“Saved” contrasts softer verses with heavy chorus work.

And the final track “Grace And Love” (featuring Danielle Capps) closes off the CD with the album’s only completely non-heavy track. It’s piano-driven, using only that instrument in the beginning. The rest of the band (and the guest vocalist) jump in towards the middle of the song; and then the track finishes off with piano alone.

In all, this is a great debut album, and we recommend it.

Our rating for Kutless: 5 & 1/4 Stars. 5 & 1/4 Stars


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