Life In Your Way – Kingdoms


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BEST FOURTH RELEASE 2011 Award Winner!
Life In Your Way's 'Kingdoms' - Best Fourth Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: Cool Hand Luke (Of Man), August Burns Red (Leveler), Beckah Shae (Destiny).
Honorable Mention: Eowyn (Beautiful Ashes).


Kingdoms, Life In Your Way’s fourth full-length, is actually technically composed of 3 short, themed EP’s: “The Kingdom Of Man”, “The Kingdom Of Darkness”, and “The Kingdom Of God”.

As you’d assume from those titles , the album’s excellent lyrics range in tone from a determined beginning through a somewhat darker middle to a triumphant end. Musically and vocally, the first section tends a bit more towards Screamo, the second a bit more towards Metal, and— suitably — the last equally blends the two; and each and every track has its own unique dynamic element (whether in music, vocals, or both), making all of them memorable both individually and as a whole.

This is an excellent record, and quite worthy of both a full 5 & 1/2 Stars and Best Fourth Release!

Our rating for Kingdoms: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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