Plumb – Chaotic Resolve

Chaotic Resolve


BEST FOURTH RELEASE 2006 Award Winner!
Plumb's 'Chaotic Resolve' - A Best Fourth Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: NONE.
Honorable Mention: Kutless (Hearts Of The Innocent).


Chaotic Resolve begins with “Blush (Only You)”, a musically light and medium-paced, lyrically passionate and carefree love song.

“I Can’t Do This” is slightly more rocking; lyrically, it describes how we all need more than just ourselves to survive. This track has an orchestration ending.

“Real Life Fairytale” is a second love song. This one is musically quite light until the chorus, which is Pop/Rock.

“Better” (featuring Rockefeller Jones) picks it up with a rather dark intro and a great, pure Rock chorus and bridge. This track lyrically rebukes those who try to make everything revolve around them by bringing others down.

“Manic” has soft Electronic music until the chorus, which is rhythmic rock.

“Cut” musically consists of piano and orchestration; lyrically, it deals with cutting/self-injury by speaking from the perspective of someone who does that, visually describing what they go through, feel, and need. Plumb’s vocals are as visual as her lyrics, with emotion punctuating every syllable. This one is sure to give goosebumps.

“Bittersweet” eases in slowly; it’s fairly electronic and medium-paced, and has a long orchestration outro. Its lyrics describe the need to forgive others, and how freeing it is to do so.

Following this is “Good Behavior”, the heaviest song Plumb has done so far— the verses are dark and rhythmic, and the chorus and bridge are actually Hard-Edged Rock! The lyrics focus on how the drive for absolute perfection is useless, because it can never be achieved; and that you should, and can, just be happy with who you are.

“Motion” lyrically carries on this theme, this time in a far more upbeat way. Musically, it’s a fast, rhythmic, and rocking Dance style.

“I Have Nothing” is another fairly rocking song. It points out that no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, so we should live fully and give freely.

“Jekyll & Hyde” urges you to stop acting or trying to be like someone else. It has an intriguing programming intro, the style of which carries through the whole song, becoming slow and somewhat dark.

Finally, “Sleep” is light Pop/Rock.

Bonus Tracks:

“Damaged (Redemption Extended Edition)” (which was originally featured on her sophomore release) is apparently about the effects of abuse and how to heal from it; and it’s musically dark, for obvious reasons. It contains low music for most of the song, which builds into rock, and then fades off again near the end.

And the final Bonus Track is a fast, beat-driven cover of “Pray For Me”.


This is definitely Plumb’s most rocking album to date, it’s her best effort vocally, and it’s a good CD.

Our rating for Chaotic Resolve: 5 Stars. 5 Stars


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