RadioU is a commercial-free, 24/7 interactive music station.

They have a great music mix (it’s mostly Rock variety with a large dose of Hardcore, and then the other genres sprinkled throughout; also, though they do play a great selection of older tracks, current singles get the most airplay, and indeed RadioU often airs brand new singles well before many other stations); several genre-specific shows; requests from, and both top-10/20 countdowns and ‘buzz tracks’ voted in by, the listeners; music news; exclusive band interviews; and more.

RadioU can be heard on a number of U.S. radio channels (see sidebar), and you can also listen to a free, high-quality live stream either online or through Android or iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad apps.

Our rating for RadioU: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars

(Note: RadioU is listener-funded, so if you like what you hear on the station, please donate at to help keep the station running. Thank you!)


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