Relient K – Employee Of The Month EP

Employee Of The Month EP


This 6-track EP contains 3 exclusive songs available only on this disc. [Note: The three exclusive tracks have now been rereleased on Relient K’s The Bird And The Bee Sides EP/B-sides/Rarities disc.]

The first two tracks, “Trademark” and “In Love With The Eighties (Pink Tux To The Prom)”, are teaser tracks that appear on their next studio album, Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right… But Three Do. Then follow the three EP-exclusive tracks:

“Wit’s All Been Done Before” is a song that basically says, “nothing’s new”. It’s rather cynical, but still funny and very true.

“A Penny Loafer Saved Is A Penny Loafer Earned” is actually a fan favorite, still played at shows [until the end of ’05]. It’s a hilarious track about how absurd penny loafer shoes are… the inspiration for which came to them when they saw someone wearing them while walking through an airport.

And the final exclusive track, “For The Band”, is also humorous. Its lyrics wander a bit, but the main thrust is about a ‘fan’ who now has pink hair (!) and doesn’t like the band anymore… and also about how bandmembers’ identities can sometimes get lost so that everything is always about and for the band.

Finally, “Failure To Excommunicate”, one of the best tracks on their previous studio release (Anatomy Of The Tongue In Cheek), closes out this EP.

Our rating for Employee Of The Month: 5 Stars. 5 Stars


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