Showbread – Live Show “Art is not the world; art is in our hearts.”

A Best Live Show Nominee in the 2006-2009 Awards


Showbread is unique in just about every way.

They typically give some of the goofiest interviews in all band-interviewing history… onstage and for photos they wear coordinating outfits that get more interesting with each album release… and their live show is a sight to behold with a frequently changing set list, completely unpredictable dialogue/humor, constant crowd interaction, and high energy.

Showbread Showbread

(Photo Credits: Ember)

All of that and much more make the glorious organized chaos known as a Showbread show just plain fun.

And then, of course, there’s Showbread’s music itself. The band never really ‘was’ or ‘is’ any genre because their music changes styles with each release, which is why they call their music “Raw Rock” (‘raw’ being their personal term for ‘good’ or ‘cool’, etc.; something positive). Example: their first nationally-released album was (True) Screamo, their second release was Hard-Edged Rock, their double-disc third release was Slightly Experimental Hardcore, and their fourth release is Rock/Hardcore with some Punk elements. Those are some pretty amazing transitions! (And their live shows incorporate plenty of all those styles.)

And then add to all of this the fact that frontman Joshua Porter (commonly known as Josh Dies) writes some of the most visual, metaphorical, and artistic lyrics that we have ever seen— lyrics that are, quite simply, amazing.

Oh yeah. Showbread is definitely unique.

Live Show Rating: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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