Showbread – The Fear Of God

The Fear Of God

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A Best Fourth Release Honorable Mention in the 2009 Awards

Showbread’s fourth release, of course, features a change of genre once again. Also, this time they dialed down the metaphor just a bit in favor of some more-straightforward lyrics.

Opener “I’m Lost” begins with a humorous sound test (including a recitation of the band’s famous catchphrase ); then the music kicks in for a fairly epic short intro that flows into the next track without a pause.

“Nothing Matters Anymore” is musically and vocally dynamic, has fantastic lyrics, and is all-around quite powerful (especially towards the end)— in fact, it’s the kind of track you could envision as a closer. (Trust Showbread to do the unexpected and start their album with it. ) It’s excellent.

“Lost Connection With The Head” features bouncy music and vocal delivery in the verses and a totally rocking chorus, making the whole track quite catchy.

We’re not sure if “Regret Consumes Me” is lyrically about a former bandmember or friend of theirs, or if it’s just projecting; either way, it’s another great track (this one with a chorus that’s quite heavy).

“Out Of My Mind” is an upbeat love song with a chorus that features both a new style and an excellent fast percussion/drum line, which are (again) very catchy. There’s a great guitar solo near the end, too.

“Vehement” has an excellently addicting jazzy feel at times, and a very memorable chorus.

“The Great Emasculation” explains that self-sacrifice can sometimes be misunderstood and instead turned into self-deprecation (as put in the song, “licking boots instead of washing feet”), and it shouldn’t. This track’s vocals are mostly shouted or screamed.

“Shepherd, No Sheep” is, musically, quite different-sounding (though of course still excellent ). Lyrically, it’s a resignedly sarcastic song written to self-important critics who just nitpick their (and others’) work— particularly its musical elements— without truly understanding the art or the intent.

“Let There Be Raw”, in complement to the previous track, lyrically declares what Showbread is about. Musically, it picks the pace back up, and there’s another excellent high-speed guitar run near the end.

“I Think I’m Going To See You” has a very Punk Rock feel to both its music and its pointedly true lyrics. It also features yet another excellent guitar solo.

First-album-style “Precursor” is rapid and mostly screamed, shouted, or spoken until the final verse, where the music and vocal delivery change completely.

Title track “The Fear Of God” goes through the story of someone who is despairingly crying out against both their own failures and the darkness and evils in the world (including a long, unpleasantly detailed, and increasingly emotional description of a number of those evils— hence our Content Advisory). Finally overwhelmed, they give up everything to God, and receive strength, comfort, peace, and hope.

Finally, “Until We Meet Again” is musically muted and acoustic, and is lyrically a heartfelt message to a departed friend.

In all (minus the one section of its title track ), The Fear Of God is another great album from Showbread.

Our rating for The Fear Of God: 5 & 1/4 Stars. 5 & 1/4 Stars

Title track “The Fear Of God” touches on some heavy subject matter in the middle of the song (see below).

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