Superchick – Rock What You Got

Rock What You Got

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BEST FOURTH RELEASE 2008 Award Co-Winner!
Superchick's 'Rock What You Got' - Best Fourth Release Co-Winner

CO-WINNER: Underoath (Lost In The Sound Of Separation).
Runners-Up: NONE.


Superchick’s fourth studio release showcases the best vocals and the most rocking music that they have ever recorded— without question, this is their best album to date.

Rock What You Got opens with its title track, featuring excellent, jazzy rhythmic rock. Its lyrics encourage you to be who you are and not let the world discourage you.

“Alive Prelude” is a 36-second segue consisting of a little audio from some cheesy old-school ‘horror’ movie (like Frankenstein or something).

“Alive” then kicks in with great Hard-Edged Rock and equally great lyrics.

“Hey Hey” takes the music a step further— for the first time in Superchick history, this track features rhythmic Hard Rock! It’s appealingly heavy, very catchy, and excellent.

“Hold” has an excellent, classy piano intro, followed by quick steps up to rock; and it also contains solid, strong vocals.

“Breathe” musically begins with soft piano, then builds slowly. The vocals are beautiful, with an unusual rhythm of word delivery that makes you listen; and the lyrics implore you to hold on to life, even through despair. (The chorus gave us goosebumps.)

“So Beautiful”, kicking the music up to Electronic Rock, is the disc’s specifically female-focused track, assuring girls that every one of them is beautiful just as they are and that they were never meant to try to copy the fake ‘beauty’ seen and idolized in the media.

Energetic rock track “Cross The Line” points out the crowd-following pressure of our culture, then declares freedom from it.

“One More” contrasts low rock in the verses with energetic rock in the chorus. It firmly encourages you to never give up or give in, by focusing on just one step at a time.

“Crawl (Carry Me Through)” is emotional and slower-paced, featuring piano, orchestration, drums, and a little guitar. It’s another beautiful track.

“Stand In The Rain (Symphonic Mix)” is a somewhat toned-down remix of the originally quite rocking “Stand In The Rain” from Beauty From Pain 1.1.

Finally, “Dave Ghazarian: Guitar Hero”— as you might guess from the title— is a great track featuring bandmember Dave G. showing off on guitar (with a drum accompaniment).

In all, this is an excellent album, and worthy of Best Fourth Release.

Our rating for Rock What You Got: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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