Switchfoot – Learning To Breathe

Learning To Breathe

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Learning To Breathe begins with the original version of “Dare You To Move”. Its lyrics encourage you to move beyond your past (and whatever happened there) to step into your future.

The lyrics of early fan favorite (and title track) “Learning To Breathe” basically focus on learning how to live life. It’s a good mid-paced ballad that is very rhythmic and fairly pretty.

“You Already Take Me There”, another one of the earlier Switchfoot fan faves, picks up the pace as it’s a fairly solid rocker.

While at first softer again, the music of “Love Is The Movement” properly picks up into rock during the chorus; and it’s very intriguing and all-around great.

“Poparazzi” rebukes those who desire fame purely for fame’s sake, without moral limits, not caring about what their words and actions are doing to their followers. While the vocals could be better during the chorus, it’s otherwise fine; and it’s a fair rocker, anyway.

“Innocence Again” is another song that has great, intriguing music.

“Playing For Keeps” asks when to let go and move on.

“The Loser” states that eventually, the losers do win. Musically, it’s slower-paced but definitely rocking— it’s one of the best songs on the album.

“The Economy Of Mercy” is a plain ballad, and “Erosion” is a more upbeat one; neither are really noteworthy otherwise.

“Living Is Simple”, however, makes up for those previous two by closing off the CD with a good rocker that aptly describes life.

Our rating for Learning To Breathe: 3 & 3/4 Stars. 3 & 3/4 Stars


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