Switchfoot – New Way To Be Human

New Way To Be Human

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Switchfoot’s second album New Way To Be Human begins with its classic (and old fan favorite) title track, which is rhythmic and has very good guitars in the chorus.

“Incomplete” is another rhythmic song. It contains some interesting musical elements.

“Sooner Or Later (Soren’s Song)” is slower-paced until the last verse, where the guitars kick in and then fade back down.

The lyrics of “Company Car” describe someone who gained all that they thought they had ever wanted but had no joy. Again, it has very good guitars in the chorus.

“Let That Be Enough” is the softest and slowest song of the album, with fairly bare music.

“Something More (Augustine’s Confession)” brings back the rock with another old fan fave. And again, the bridges and chorus have good guitars.

“Only Hope” is a softer song, although it’s a lot more full-sounding because of the extra orchestration behind it.

“Amy’s Song” is another rhythmic track (this time medium-paced); lyrically, it’s apparently a tribute to someone.

“I Turn Everything Over” picks up the pace a little more.

And the final track “Under The Floor” begins slower, and has muted vocals throughout its length. It also has some good melody combinations. Near the song’s end the guitars pick up a little, and then everything fades off.

There’s also a short Hidden Track afterwards— a clip of them singing in Acappella-style (although there actually is music underneath).

In all, New Way To Be Human is a good record.

Our rating for New Way To Be Human: 4 & 3/4 Stars. 4 & 3/4 Stars


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