Switchfoot – The Legend Of Chin

The Legend Of Chin

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The Legend Of Chin (its title referring to the band’s former moniker ‘Chin Up’) is Switchfoot’s interestingly somewhat-indie, somewhat-not first release.

It starts off with the definitely-indie track “Bomb”, which contains almost random music in some places, and some rather strange lyrics, too.

Thankfully, the next track “Chem 6A” is quite a bit different (and better), with good rock fills and almost cutely satirical lyrics.

“Underwater” again has a more indie feel musically; lyrically, it describes someone who feels alone.

“The Edge Of My Seat” describes a relationship.

“Home” is a medium-paced track featuring acoustic guitars that is not indie, and actually surprisingly good.

“Might Have Ben Hur” is, musically, a good indie track with Rock fills.

“Concrete Girl” gently encourages those who feel like everything is against them to hold on and stay strong.

“Life And Love And Why” is a good indie Rock track that lyrically explains its title.

“You” is another non-indie, rhythmic, acoustic-driven track that is quite good. (In fact, it’s probably the best track on this CD.)

“Ode To Chin” is an indie Rock song that points out some life truths.

Finally, “Don’t Be There” is one more acoustic-driven track, this time with lyrics that are introspective, slightly metaphorical, and quite difficult to decipher.

In all, it’s a fairly good indie release; and a glimpse at Switchfoot’s young and early days.

Our rating for The Legend Of Chin: 3 & 3/4 Stars. 3 & 3/4 Stars


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