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Switchfoot's 'Vice Verses' - A Notable 7th-or-Higher Release Award Winner

Also Winning An ’11 Notable 7th-or-Higher Release:
Blindside (With Shivering Hearts We Wait).

Runner-Up: The Echoing Green (In Scarlet And Vile).
Honorable Mention: The Newsboys (God’s Not Dead).


Vice Verses kicks right off with “Afterlife”, an excellent, rocking call-to-action.

“The Original” features some interesting musical rhythms in the verses and an enjoyable, old-school-style chorus.

“The War Inside” is also very rhythmic (though in a different way ), very memorable, and just all-around great.

“Restless” is a calmer track that features some intriguing, intertwining lyrical imagery.

“Blinding Light” musically picks up to a medium pace and lyrically encourages the listener.

Interestingly, “Selling The News” has rhythmically-spoken verses to contrast with a bouncy Rock chorus, and that combined with its starkly true lyrics about today’s ‘news’ industry make this another great track.

“Thrive” is a contemplative, atmospheric track.

“Dark Horses” is an excellent, anthemic, and very memorable Hard-Edged Rocker.

“Souvenirs” is a nostalgic track with music that builds in steps from a gentle ballad to Rock.

“Rise Above It” has rhythmic, monotone verses and a somewhat unusual chorus.

Title track “Vice Verses” has aching, searching lyrics matched with low, echoing acoustic music.

And sweeping finale “Where I Belong” musically and lyrically provides both a perfect counterpoint to the previous track and a perfect conclusion, culminating in a reprise of part of the album’s first track that brings the record to an uplifting close.

Deluxe Edition Bonus Content:

The Deluxe Edition includes the bonus disc Hello Hurricane LIVE, which (as you’d imagine ) is a live version of the band’s previous release, Hello Hurricane.

Those who preordered the Deluxe Edition on iTunes also received an exclusive Demo version of “Dark Horses”.

Super Deluxe Edition Bonus Content:

The Super Deluxe Edition contains all of the above (minus the iTunes preorder track, of course ), as well as a half-hour or so DVD with great, short day-in-the-life segments on all the bandmembers (which also include some thoughtful insights on their creative processes), plus the music video for “Dark Horses”.

Also included in this edition are handwritten lyrics/liner notes, a vinyl window decal, packages from each band member with photos and notes about what the album means to them, and a pencil (!).

Our rating for Vice Verses: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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