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BEST SECOND RELEASE 2007 Award Winner!
The Wedding's 'Polarity' - Best Second Release Award Winner

Runner-Up: Manic Drive (Reset & Rewind).
Honorable Mentions: Eleventyseven (Galactic Conquest).


The Wedding’s second release is an astonishingly huge upgrade from their previous album— so much so, it was instantly the top runner in the 2007 Best Second race. (And, as you can see, it held that spot easily. ) This album is polished, solid, and very good.

Polarity begins with the interesting intro “The Call”, which is short and totally instrumental, featuring brass instruments and drums. It flows into the next track without a pause.

“Say Your Prayers” kicks in the excellent Rock, and lyrically it has a straightforward message.

“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” (featuring bagpipes by Josh Robieson of Flatfoot 56), another excellent rocker, lyrically encourages you to live with a purpose and give it your all, no matter what.

“Staring At The Light” firmly guides you to true hope. It fades from rock to a piano at the end.

“This One’s For You” is a love song that begins with upbeat piano, then quickly Rocks. It’s yet another great track.

“I-540” (featuring Davy Baysinger of Bleach) is the first slower track. It begins with piano, and slowly builds until the guitars enter in the final bridge.

“It’s Time To Rock (OK?)” (featuring Justin Driggers) does indeed get back to the excellent full Rock. In fact, the vocals near the end (courtesy of guest Justin Driggers) dip into very heavy territory.

“Rebound” is another rock song that lyrically explains true love, among other things.

“Schizophrenia” begins with a slightly suspenseful intro, after which it of course rocks. Lyrically, it describes the tug-of-war between good and evil that exists, to one extent or another, within everyone.

“The Last Stand” is a powerful tribute to the men and women serving in our Armed Forces, from the lyrical perspective of one. This is an excellent, rocking track all-around, and it’s one of the most memorable of the CD.

“Misery Loves Company”, another good rocker, reminds you that guilt can be released, and though there are consequences for your actions, you’ll always have the possibility of a second chance.

“Southside”, while lyrically a bit vague, is however another musically-solid track.

“Revelation”, featuring only piano and orchestration, is a beautiful song about a wedding.

And the final track “Fireworks” is a medium rocker with the surprise of a fast fiddle solo (courtesy of guest Chris Carmichael) at the end. Lyrically, it describes how leaving a false relationship can sometimes be difficult, but it is always necessary.

There is also a hidden track afterwards, a very humorous folk song that they made up about their home state of Arkansas.

[Note: The album also contains a pregap hidden track, consisting of about a minute and a half of “Southside” outtakes. ]

In all, Polarity is a great CD, and it’s worthy of Best Second Release.

Our rating for Polarity: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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