The Wedding – The Sound The Steel (EP)

The Sound The Steel EP

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The Sound The Steel EP kicks off with “Receive”, an energetic rock track that is a solid opener.

Next is “Return”, an excellent track with very dynamic music and vocals.

“Renew” begins with fast piano, the other instruments jumping in before the second verse. This track has an excellent, memorable chorus and uplifting lyrics.

“Reveal” is another excellent, dynamic heavy rocker with more great lyrics.

And “Redeem” is a beautiful, musically-building ballad with a chorus that you’ll be humming later. It’s the perfect finale to the main portion of the EP.

Bonus Track:

There is also one more track that you can only obtain by buying the entire EP (which we of course would recommend anyway! ): an acoustic, live performance of “Receive”. It has completely different music— mostly acoustic with just a few electric touches, yet very layered and full-sounding— and brand new vocals, as well as some new lyrics. It’s yet another great track.

To sum it up, The Sound The Steel EP is excellent (in fact we even considered bending our Music Award rules for it!), and it’s definitely recommended.

Our rating for The Sound The Steel (EP): 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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