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The Wedding


“Morning Air” is about ending a false relationship, and its lyrics are about what you’d expect from such a topic. In fact, this track’s lyrics are actually quite different from the rest of the album’s, so we’re glad they got this out of the way first.

“Move This City” focuses on making a positive difference by stopping lies, watching your words, loving those around you, and never giving up.

“This Time I’m Leaving” reminds you to live in the moment and chase your dreams.

“Wake The Regiment” is a tribute to all of the men and women serving in our Armed Forces, and is lyrically from a military member’s perspective.

“One Eye Open” is musically a bit slower; its lyrics are apparently directed at someone who was dying or very ill, imploring them to hold on.

“Price For Love” describes… exactly that.

Curiously-titled “Death By Xanga” is a short instrumental track that is discordant and somewhat suspenseful.

“479HxC (Through The Night)” brings the energy back up. Lyrically it could be another military song, although this one seems to be more metaphorical.

“Joyride” has great lyrics, which encourage you to not be what the world wants you to be, but instead to just be who you are— and to follow your heart and your dreams.

“But A Breath” (featuring Matt Thiessen of Relient K) is a piano-driven track, beginning muted, then fading in; lyrically, it reminds you that you never know how much time you have left, so use every moment well.

“Water Underneath The Bridge” (featuring Suzanne Townsend and Stephen Kiehn) is easily the best track on the disc. Musically, it’s quite different at first (rather jazzy); then, after about 53 seconds, the music suddenly kicks in with powerful, heavy guitars, keyboard accents, and very strong vocals (especially when guest Stephen Kiehn joins in).

Finally, “Song For The Broken” is a good energetic song to close out the album, with lyrics that remind you to hold on to hope.

In all, this is a fair indie first release.

Our rating for The Wedding: 4 Stars. 4 Stars


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