Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK) – Phenomenon


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A Best Second Release Nominee in the 2005 Awards


TFK went through quite a transition between their first and second albums. As explained in our Genre FAQ, Raprock was a very short-lived genre; and although TFK did it excellently, they changed their style after Raprock’s popularity fell. Moving to a unique Hard-Edged Rock blend that contains just hints of the Raprock-style vocals and lyrics, their music is now even better.

Phenomenon begins with its rocking, fan favorite title track, featuring cool militant-type lyrics.

“Step To Me” has ‘breaking-free’ type lyrics, perhaps from bad influences. It has an odd melody during the verses but a great, rocking bridge and chorus.

“Last Words” asks for forgiveness from someone they’ve hurt; it’s another good rocker.

“This Is A Call”— the album’s only ballad— urges you to reach out to others who are going through tough times; they may be putting up an ‘okay’ façade to be accepted when they’re really not okay at all.

“Rawkfist” is a totally rhythmic, totally rockin’ fan fave that is one of the album’s best.

“Faith, Love, And Happiness” is another great rocker, which lyrically wonders why there is trouble and opposition.

“I Climb” is another rhythmic rocker. We’re not quite sure what the lyrics in this one refer to; perhaps being honest with yourself and others.

“Quicken” alternates faster and slower vocals during the verses, and again the melody underneath the verses is a bit odd; but it moves into rock for the chorus and bridge.

“New Design” goes back to the great, whole-song rhythmic rocking that most of this disc features. It also has some of the coolest guitar segments of the record under the verses. Lyrically, it speaks of changing for the better, even though it can sometimes be frightening.

“Bounce” is lyrically similar to a cross between “Phenomenon” and “Rawkfist”; musically it’s yet another good rocker, and another fan fave.

“Ordinary” has a quick intro that sounds like their Raprock album’s music, and then the guitars go back to this album’s style. Interestingly, the vocals during the verses are mostly sung rapid-fire, while the chorus and some of the bridges are vocally done like the rest of this album. In essence, this track perfectly blends both this album’s and their previous album’s genres.

And “Break The Silence”, the disc’s final track, is yet another rhythmic rocker that closes the album in style (it’s one of the coolest-sounding tracks).

In all, Phenomenon is an excellent second release.

Our rating for Phenomenon: 5 & 1/3 Stars. 5 & 1/3 Stars


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