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Raprock, of course, was a very short-lived genre (as explained in the Genre FAQ). Consequently, TFK’s first CD was their only Raprock album.

Set It Off opens with an untitled intro track, leading directly into “Puppet”. “Puppet”, in turn, is a great song that introduces you to the Raprock genre very well.

“When In Doubt” is a track that’s energetic and catchy.

“Rhime Animal” has smooth, jazzy guitar jamming during the verses, which then slide into some awesome, rocking chorus work.

Next comes TFK’s great Raprock cover of EMF’s “Unbelievable” (which we actually like better than the original!).

“Up Comes Down” features some surprisingly heavy guitars, and they sound good that way.

“Small Town” is a softer, slower track— at least compared to the others on the album— and it’s a great song with a great story. It’s one of our favorite tracks on this CD.

“Set It Off” is the only somewhat strange track. The music is fine, but there are some rather interesting things going on with the vocals during the chorus.

“All The Way Live” is another catchy song. Again, smooth guitars are featured in most of the verses; but during the chorus they roar into an excellent, searing heavy riff that we absolutely can’t get enough of! “All The Way Live” is one of the album’s best tracks.

And finally “Lift It”, another one of the best tracks, closes the album off. “Lift It” starts off soft and slow with an acoustic guitar (and there is no rap in this song; it’s completely sung); then, the rock comes in on the final chorus… after which the music fades away, leaving only the drums to finish the track off.

Rerelease Bonus Tracks:

The rerelease of this album is remastered, repackaged, and contains 6 extra tracks. The first extra track (which they place at the very beginning of the disc, before the original album tracks) is new and exclusive to the rerelease version of the CD. Titled “Everyone Like Me”, its music is almost a combination of their second album’s sound with their third’s (which makes sense, as that’s when the rerelease came out).

The other extra tracks are placed at the end of the CD (tracks 14-18). These are actually from their pre-“Set It Off” indie effort That’s What People Do. Because of this, the 5 very indie tracks are basically for the die-hard fans only (although “Moment Of The Day” is somewhat of an exception).


Rerelease-version fan extras aside , Set It Off is a great Raprock album.

Our rating for Set It Off: 4 & 3/4 Stars. 4 & 3/4 Stars


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