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BEST FOURTH RELEASE 2007 Award Winner!
Thousand Foot Krutch's 'The Flame In All Of Us' - Best Fourth Release Award Winner

Runner-Up: Flatfoot 56 (Jungle Of The Midwest Sea).


With the release of The Flame In All Of Us, it is immediately apparent that Thousand Foot Krutch has finally, truly pushed themselves musically.

Plus, along with the excellent upgrades to their sound, there is a solid coherence to the whole album not seen since their second record. And— showing their talent— instead of laying down the musical elements separately and one at a time (as is the norm), they recorded almost all of the music (drums, bass, and guitar) together in one room, one song at a time, as if they were playing a live show… and it’s flawless.

Excellent rock opener “The Flame In All Of Us” showcases all of this perfectly.

Next, “Falls Apart” is a rocking, rhythmic track with a quite appealing chorus and bridge. It’s a very solid and excellent song.

“New Drug” rocks for the first few seconds, then kicks in awesome heavy guitars and great rhythm.

“What Do We Know?” is (relatively) a bit lighter rock track, with very encouraging lyrics. Its chorus also has a multi-layered meaning, different after the context of each verse.

“Favorite Disease” is different from anything they’ve done before, in all ways (for example, the verses are bass-driven). Also unique, the meaning of this song’s lyrics are thoughtfully explained in the liner notes.

“My Home” is another different one; it’s a rhythmic, rock love song.

“My Own Enemy” is a mostly rhythmic heavy rocker, again fairly different, and very good.

“Learn To Breathe” is yet another quite different track. At first, it seems like a medium-fast-paced ballad, but the chorus smoothly brings in the full rock guitars. The building and interweaving bridges at the end are excellent, as well.

“Inhuman” contains almost indescribable, very cool verses and bridges, and a pure Rock chorus. This is yet another excellent track.

“Broken Wing” is an excellent, rhythmically heavy-rocking track that is an in-your-face, haul-you-to-your-feet encourager. It’s one of TFK’s all-time best.

“The Safest Place” is a serious heavy-rocker, as excellent as the others on this record.

And the final track “Wish You Well” is the only true ballad on the album. Acoustically-driven, its lyrics deal with letting go of a friend who walked away from their friendship and the truths that they had held to; dearly hoping that they will return one day in all ways.

There is also a fun Hidden Track attached a few seconds afterward, which has some grin-inducing lyrics about their early days and dreams. It’s a great closer.

Special Edition Bonus Content:

The Special Edition (identified by the outer slipcase and also by copper-foil accent ink on the inside packaging) contains the CD, plus a DVD with the following bonus material:

First up on the Special Edition DVD is the excellent and quite interesting “Making Of The Record” feature. This includes such things as how the band writes, explanations of some of the songs’ lyrics, how they recorded this album’s music in a ‘live show’ style while still retaining excellent sound quality, explanations of some of the gear they used, the inevitable antics, and even a funny piece about producer Ken Andrews’ dogs! And there’s a short, funny clip after the credits, too.

Next up is their “On-Tour With TFK” feature. This is a very funny day-in-the-life video, including live show clips, a tour of their bus and just about everything in it , playing (and playing with) Guitar Hero, a strange-yet-funny encounter with someone on the street, and even a hilarious, good-natured fight.

Finally, the last of the Special Edition DVD bonuses are the band’s two music videos.

‘Inspired Heart’ Edition Bonus Content:

The ‘Inspired Heart’ Edition (identified by the green-foil accent ink) is only exclusively available at the Family Christian website or stores. The CD contains an extra track, a good piano version of “Wish You Well”; and the DVD contains everything from the Special Edition, plus spontaneous, on-bus (!) acoustic performances of “The Flame In All Of Us” and “Breathe You In”, and another feature simply titled “Bonus Footage”, consisting of hilarious, totally random antics and outtakes both while in-studio and while roaming the streets.


The Flame In All Of Us is an excellent album, and it’s definitely worthy of Best Fourth Release.

Our rating for The Flame In All Of Us: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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