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A Best First Release Nominee in the 2005 Awards

The perfect intro, “Get This Party Started” kicks off Momentum with the heavy music and part-spoken, part-sung vocals heard throughout this album.

“What’s Goin’ Down”, building on the musical heaviness, lyrically deals with very heavy subject matter, especially in the latter half of the song (as mentioned in the Content Advisory).

“Irene” begins with Spanish guitar, then picks up into a great, rhythmic tune. Its lyrics have a message of hope after mistakes.

Next, a segue called “toby’s Mac” consists of a computer-voice trying to rap!

“J Train” (featuring Kirk Franklin) has very rhythmic music, done in a style that makes you want to move around to it. It’s a great track.

“Do You Know” is a little slower yet still rhythmic, with lyrics directed from toby to his son, to himself, and to you.

“Tru-Dog” is a cute track done by tobyMac’s son Truett.

“Momentum” brings back the rock, while the lyrics firmly declare toby’s (and many others’) mission.

“Yours” then dives right into awesome, heavy music and powerful lyrics.

“The Quiet Storm” is an intro to the following track, “Wonderin’ Why”. This track, with slower, beat-driven music, has lyrics done in a slightly humorous mock-interview style.

“Somebody’s Watching” is lyrically somewhat of a continuation of the previous track, while the music picks up slightly.

“Triple Skinny” is another segue, again featuring the computer voice, this time ordering a ridiculously complex drink at a coffee shop.

“Love Is In The House” is a slightly lighter, rhythmic track with lyrics that make you smile.

“Extreme Days” is the heaviest song on the disc— fast, hard, and with action-style lyrics, it’s an excellent track.

“Don’t Bring Me Down” is technically another segue, this time an actual (albeit muted) song by tobyMac.

The last full song of the album, “In The Air” is a great, catchy, rhythmic Rock track that makes you smile.

And finally “Afterward”, one final segue, is basically a short “Do You Know” reprise.

In all, this is a great first solo record from tobyMac.

Our rating for Momentum: 5 & 1/4 Stars. 5 & 1/4 Stars

“What’s Goin’ Down” describes an awful event in its second verse.

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