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BEST FOURTH RELEASE 2010 Award Winner!
tobyMac's 'Tonight' - Best Fourth Release Award Winner

Runners-Up: House Of Heroes (Suburba), Lecrae (Rehab), DJ Andy Hunter (Collide EP). Honorable Mention: Sarah Kelly (Midnight Sun).


Well, we’ll admit, it was an extremely close race for Best Fourth Release this year— in fact, it was so close between tobyMac and House Of Heroes that we very nearly gave them a tie! In the end, however, this album just edged ahead.

Tonight kicks off with its fast-paced, rhythmically rocking title track (featuring John Cooper of Skillet), which is great and quite memorable.

“Get Back Up” comes next, an upbeat Pop/Rock / Rock track with hopeful lyrics.

“Funky Jesus Music” (featuring Beckah Shae and Siti Monroe)— as you might guess from the title — is musically Funk-influenced Electronic Rock. It’s very catchy and makes you want to move, creating another great track.

“City On Our Knees” is an atmospheric ballad that is excellent both musically and lyrically.

“Showstopper” bounces back to catchy rock. This track is easily visualized in their live set.

“Changed Forever” (featuring Nirva Ready), with its Electronic heavy Rock, is another excellent and very catchy track. (Indeed, though the whole album is great, of course— hence its rating — this is quite possibly the best track of the disc.)

“Hold On” is an Electronic Pop/Rock / Rock ballad that sounds poised to take over the radio charts (but not in a bad way ).

“Loud’n’clear (TruDog 10)” is the traditional track from toby’s son Truett. At first, it actually sounds as if it’s going to be serious (the kid certainly has talent)… but then, of course, it turns laugh-out-loud hilarious.

“Hey Devil” is a very fast-paced, Funk-flavored Electronic Rock track that is again quite catchy.

“Wonderin'” (featuring Matthew Thiessen of Relient K) drops down to an accented medium pace, and it’s an interesting collaboration that actually sounds pretty much like what you’d expect (with a song of this tempo).

“Captured” picks the pace back up again with some great and intriguing melody combinations; and it kicks into an excellent, heavy-rocking section before the last bridge, too.

“Start Somewhere” is a very rhythmic (and, again, very catchy) track that musically combines the Rock with some Spanish and Ska, and lyrically asks for forgiveness from someone he had an argument with. It’s yet another excellent track.

Finally, “Break Open The Sky” (featuring Israel Houghton and Ayiesha Woods) is another one of toby’s great collaborations. This one is island-influenced and has a memorable chorus.

There is also a Hidden Track— a hilarious parody of Easy Listening AC (using lyrics from “Funky Jesus Music”).

Deluxe Edition CD Bonus Content:

“Captured (KP Remix)” has music consisting of beats and keyboards with a bit of orchestration near the end, and it’s great— even equal to the original.

“Hold On (Telemitry Remix)” is completely Electronic and more beat-driven. This one is also quite good.

“Tonight (New Day Remix)” is now slower, and the new music doesn’t necessarily mesh at all times, but it’s still fairly good (especially when it turns a bit spacey during the chorus and end bridge). The Hidden Track is moved to the end of this song for the Deluxe Edition.

Deluxe Edition DVD Bonus Content:

“Making Of The Album” is a great 12-minute making-of (including interviews with the producers, one of whom is hilarious ).

“From Studio To Stage” is just over 6 minutes long and it shows the process toby and the band use to choose and adapt their songs to their live shows.

“Behind The Songs Of Tonight” is a 10-minute feature delving into the backstory of some of the album’s tracks.

And finally, “Gospel Music Channel’s Faith & Fame: tobyMac” is a 46-minute-long biography on toby from his early childhood, to life in dcTalk, all the way through his third solo album Portable Sounds.


In all, this is an excellent album, and definitely worthy of Best Fourth Release.

Our rating for Tonight: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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