tobyMac – Welcome To Diverse City

Welcome To Diverse City

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A Best Second Release Nominee in the 2005 Awards


Great opener “Hey Now” (featuring Coffee from GRITS) contains rhythmic, jazzy Rock and intro-type-lyrics.

Next, “Catchafire (Whoopsi-Daisy)” (featuring Papa San and M.O.C.) is one of the all-time best tobyMac tracks, and it’s amazing how much of the song and its production was done by Solomon “Soul Glow Activatur” Olds of Family Force 5. And to anyone who knows FF5’s music, it’s easy to tell, because of “Catchafire”‘s specific sound and especially the strong urge it gives you to move around to the beat. In short, it was a perfect collaboration; and this awesome track is sure to get stuck in your mind (and your music player).

“The Slam” (featuring T-Bone) keeps up the energy— it’s a totally rocking track with a good style combo.

“Poetically Correct” is a segue, rapped by M.O.C. and programmed by Soli Olds.

“Atmosphere” is a song of hope, with a bit lighter, rhythmic music.

“Gone” is a Rock song that encourages women to dump bad relationships, and then get true, good ones. It also firmly tells men to give women proper respect.

“TruDog: The Return” is another cute track done by tobyMac’s son.

“Diverse City” is an excellent, catchy, rhythmic Rock track.

The lyrics of “Stories (Down To The Bottom)” (featuring Superchick), as you might expect from such a combo, deal with struggles and pain and yet offer hope through it.

“Getaway Car” has quite jazzy, medium-paced, feel-good music. It’s a good jam.

“Burn For You” (featuring Josiah Bell) has a slowly-building intro beginning on the previous track. It’s a catchy, rhythmic, low Rock song.

“Fresher Than A Night At The W” is technically a segue; it features a great, short rap from tobyMac with lyrics that make you smile.

“Ill-M-I” has a great and very heavy beat, and it’s a very catchy track all-around.

“Phenomenon” (co-written with Paul Meany of MuteMath) is another great Rock track with a good writing and style combination. Afterwards, there is a segue— toby listening to absolutely hilarious messages on his phone— which leads right into the next track.

“Gotta Go” features more phone calls, taken while multitasking. It’s a rhythmic, lighthearted track about trying to work through busyness and stress.

Finally, there is the bonus track “Atmosphere [Remix]” (featuring dcTalk)— which is actually slightly better than the original version!

In all, this is an excellent album, and we recommend it.

Our rating for Welcome To Diverse City: 5 & 1/2 Stars. 5 & 1/2 Stars


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